Drone And GoPro Hero 3 Take To The Sky For Fireworks Show And It's Pretty Cool

Now here’s a use for drones that we can surely all get behind: Filming a fireworks display from inside the beautiful, explosive mayhem.

One Jos Stiglingh sent up a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro Hero 3 silver strapped to it and filmed a fireworks show, and the resulting video is approximately as marvelous as you’d expect it to be. We see different aerial shells exploding mid-air with a variety of colors and effects, and the camera manages to get shots from below, above, and right in the middle.

fireworks drone

The best shots are when the camera pans around a firework in mid-burst. The soundtrack really enhances the experience, incidentally--a juxtaposition of powerful explosions and smooth, pretty operatic singing.

Also, we’re pretty sure that around 2:28 the drone is almost blown out of the sky.
Via:  YouTube
thunderdan602 4 months ago

Pretty cool. And look mom, not spying on people! :-)

inspector 4 months ago

Thats pretty amazing, brings a whole new view to fireworks.

CalicalCarlos 4 months ago

why to people call them drones they are notging else then R/C plan

Dave_HH 4 months ago

That's because drone sounds so much cooler :)

realneil 4 months ago

Named after a Bee,...........

This is one of the best uses I've seen for a personal drone so far.

Thanks for the post Seth.

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