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Diamond's 2GB VFX 2000 Series Pro Graphics Card

Diamond's 2GB VFX 2000 Series Pro Graphics Card

We just got our hands on a few intriguing images that we thought you’d all be interested in checking out.  What you see pictured below is Diamond Multimedia’s VFX 2000 Series Professional Workstation graphics card, due to be launched in the coming weeks...

  small_diamond_vfx_2000_box_2.jpg    small_diamond_vfx_2000.jpg
Diamond Multimedia’s 2GB VFX 2000 Series Professional Workstation Graphics Card

The Diamond VFX 2000 is based on AMD’s ATI R600 GPU, but the card’s PCB has been modified from the standard HD 2900 XT reference design to support the workstation-class features inherent to the FireGL line of professional graphics cards.  Due to issues stemming from the RIAA’s lawsuit against Diamond and their MP3 Rio a few years, Diamond can’t call these cards FireGLs, but they are fundamentally the same.  Diamond Multimedia were actually the creators of the FireGL brand, but the company had to liquidate assets to pay their legal fees back then and unfortunately they are no longer able to use the brand.

We don’t know what frequencies the GPU and RAM will operate at, but as you can see from the artwork, cards are equipped with 2GB of GDDR4 memory.  They’ll likely be most similar to ATI’s high-end FireGL V8650, however.  Details regarding the V8650 can be found here .

Update: We should note that ATI is the exclusive seller of their workstation line of graphics products, ATI FireGL from AMD, and has no plans to bring on AIB partners for this line of products.

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Is it faster than my Diamond Monster 3D Voodoo card??? ;)

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Damn I feel like I was born yesterday, Compared to you guys..

I just turned 24 last week...

An a Funny Memory of when I started gaming..

I remember playing Prince of Persia and Test Drive 2 & 3, Hard Ball Baseball all those games used to run directly from a Floppy Disk, from any MS DOS machine..

Lastly, When I used to buy those PC Gamer Magazines and such that brought a Game Demo Disc... and I would check on their Minimum Requirements to see If I could run those 3D Games.. :)

I remember having just 16MB of Ram, and 80MB HDD... and when I wanted to try a game like Renegade that needed minimum 24MB of RAM I would want to cry, and also I would try to borrow an 8MB Simm to complete the minimum Requirements for such games :p...

A few years later, I had first hand experience with the now defunct Glide API, I went to this guys House, he had one of the first generation Voodoo Graphics cards, and I saw Quake2 running with hardware acceleration.. My Jaw dropped!

The End..


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