CyberPowerPC Unveils (Fully Expandable!) All-in-One Zeus Touch Desktop Series

CyberPowerPC is a boutique PC builder known for, among other things, its Zeus line of custom gaming rigs, and the company is lending the brand name to a new series of all-in-one desktops, as well. The Zeus Touch series is now available and includes the Zeus Touch 1000, 2000, and 3000.

The AIOs were made with a “minimalist tablet-like design” in mind, and all of them feature a 21.5-inch (1920x1080), ten-point touch LED display and Windows 8. They run 3rd-generation Intel processors (any of the three models can be configured with up to an Intel Core i7-3770S), H77 Express motherboards, 24x DVD+/-R/RW optical drives, and Intel HD 2500 or 4000 graphics. Memory and storage configurations vary widely, although the Zeus Touch 1000 and 2000 models start with 8GB of RAM/1TB (7200RPM) HDD and 8GB RAM/2TB (7200RPM) HDD, respectively, while the Zeus Touch 3000 sports 16GB of RAM and a 2TB (7200RPM) HDD.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Touch

Other amenities include USB 3.0, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in media card reader, and 1MP webcam.

A major selling point of these particular AIOs is that CyberPowerPC wisely designed the Zeus Touch PCs to be fully expandable, so you aren’t locked in to all the original hardware. Granted, there’s a limit to that--there’s not exactly room in the slim chassis for a monster graphics card--but it does appear that the processor, memory, HDD/SSD, optical drive, and PCI expansion cards can be swapped out by the end user.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Touch

The three Zeus Touch PCs come with a 3-year warranty and start at $899, $1099, and $1199, respectively, and of course those prices will slide up or down depending on what configuration options you choose.
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Dorkstar one year ago

This product sounds really cool, it's a rare day when I hear about an all-in-one that is upgradeable. I can't wait until the day these things are light enough and powerful enough, to just be pulled off a stand, unplugged, and carried into the living room as a tablet.

However, Cyberpower... ugh, where do I begin? Before I left for Iraq my mom bought me a gaming laptop from Cyberpower so she could chat with me over the webcam while I was deployed. I told her I wanted something I could play games on as well, so she gave me a budget of $1200 and I picked up a midrange laptop from them. Needless to say by the first week the fan started making noises, and I was leaving to Iraq in 2 weeks, so I had no chance to RMA it. Needless to say, it survived a fall off the top bunk of a bunkbed onto a concrete slap, sandstorms, customs, and traveling halfway across the world a handful of times. But by the time I had gotten back, it was just... crap. I've taken the computer apart probably 5 times in attempts to figure out the noise, but all I can guess is the fan just shipped with a bad bearing, but it's so LOUD.

Here recently I started following them on facebook, and honestly all I ever see on their page is complaints from people. Being that I have some personal experience with their product, I'd have to agree with those people. I just don't think cyberpower has a good QC program, or they just don't care.

I've debated on contacting them now and telling them about my situation with the laptop, just to see if there was anything they could do to either help me fix it, or fix it themselves.

OSunday one year ago

All I can say is that one of the major downsides of All in Ones is the fact their vulnerable to becoming outdated fast, and are a heft investment to pay for a compact form factor.

I don't know much about Cyberpower personally but the option to have some sort of expansion and upgrade ability would definitely set this apart and make it ideal compared to other AIO's

RTietjens one year ago

If the GPU can't be upgraded, then the rest of the rig is *NOT* a gaming rig. It's a very-large-format tablet that's too big to carry around.

scolaner one year ago

Nope, it's not a gaming rig, but it doesn't claim to be one. It's a family PC that packs some impressive components.

Dorkstar one year ago

[quote user="scolaner"]

Nope, it's not a gaming rig, but it doesn't claim to be one. It's a family PC that packs some impressive components.


Yep, I can't agree more here.  In theory you could keep this all-in-one going for quite some time, versus those you can't even open up (Apple).  But who know's, maybe Intel will finally come out with Larabee, and this thing could be the gaming champion of the world.

RTietjens one year ago

Edit button not working. :(

The $899 version compares favorably to the Microsoft Surface Pro (which is still vaporware), but still...

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