Crytek Version 1.1 Patch and Driver Info

From NVIDIA Public Relations:

Today, Crytek released the version 1.1 patch for Crysis. This patch improves 3D performance in single and SLI mode. For optimal SLI performance with the patch, you will need to use the v169.28 graphics driver.

It can be downloaded at the following link:

We are completing some final testing of the patch with this driver.

Once this is complete, the driver will be available for download on 
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entermymatrix03 6 years ago

Too bad the patch will not fix the crappy aiming. This game has one of the worst aiming setups in a game. I can have a guy right in front of me, unload a clip and he is still standing. I love the game, don't get me wrong, i just hate the aiming and hit detection.

Even better performance FTW!

Der Meister 6 years ago

i didnt have a problem with it just aim for the head. You try it on Delta yet, its wicked fun! 

digitalayon 6 years ago

 139 MB....damn....that's not a's a game overhaul!!!!....Better be though....This fawking games has pissed me off for over a month now. a SLI setup with 640 per card and I have to play it fawking medium settings!!!!!

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