Creative Reveals Live! Cam inPerson HD Skype HD Webcam

The world is still trying to figure out what it thinks about Skyping on their TV, but if you're willing to give it a try, Creative has a new device to do just that. The company has just announced the Live! Cam inPerson HD, an HD video/voice webcam that's specifically designed to handle Skype HD video calling. It's a rather large device, meant to perch atop a larger display (like a TV!) and enable HD-quality videochatting. It's equipped with an H.264 video encoding processor, a quad-mic array, noise-canceling technology and a pretty steep price tag. $149.99 is what it'll cost, so maybe those free Skype voice calls aren't so bad after all...

Creative Introduces the Live!® Cam inPerson HD – HD Video and Voice Web Camera for Skype HD Video Calling

Skype Certified, With Quad Mic Array for Crystal Clear Voice and Hardware Accelerated Video Encoding for Smooth HD Video

MILPITAS, CA – May 31, 2011 – Creative Technology Ltd today announced that Skype has certified the new Creative Live!® Cam inPerson HD for video and voice quality, meeting the exacting requirements for HD video calling in Skype.  The Creative engineering team set out to significantly improve the video and voice quality of web cams to provide an outstanding HD video calling experience with Skype.   The result is the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD, in which Creative has integrated an H.264 video encoding processor, ensuring the fastest possible video frame rate for HD video calling and alleviating the problem of choppy video that users often experience, even with lower definition video calling.

By performing the H.264 encoding on the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD instead of using the PC, the user is not required to have the highest-performance PC to experience smooth HD video quality with Skype.  In addition to the leap forward in video quality, the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD features crystal-clear voice through the implementation of Creative’s quad mic array.  To achieve improvement in voice quality, the mics are precisely spaced across the nine-inch flat-panel surface of the camera.  This quad mic implementation coupled with Creative’s noise-canceling technology removes ambient noise much more effectively than web cams with single or stereo mics and allows the user to be heard with substantially greater clarity.

“In order for web cams to become Skype Certified we put them through a rigorous video and voice testing and qualification process,” said Ed Botterill, Head of Skype Certification at Skype.  “The Live! Cam inPerson met these exacting specifications and provides an excellent solution for Skype video calling.”

The Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD features built-in H.264 compression, in order to deliver smooth, glitch-free HD video, ensuring fluid motion and high-quality video streaming over the web.  Often when users experience jerky motions or choppy video when video calling, the cause is likely the PC's CPU being overworked while trying to process the stream of data.  With hardware accelerated video all of this work is offloaded from the PC's CPU and performed right on the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD, delivering smooth movements and video calls every time.  The Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD also features auto focus, for clear, detailed images and videos from a range of distances, giving users the freedom to sit directly in front of the camera or up to 10 feet away and still be seen clearly.

“We wanted to eliminate choppy video, which is typically caused when the PC can’t handle the encoding fast enough, so we engineered the camera to have the highest frame rate possible,” said Steve Erickson, Vice President and General Manager for Audio and Video at Creative Labs, Inc.  “As a technology leader in audio and voice processing for more than three decades we know that voice quality is critical to having a great video calling experience, so we also elevated the audio in the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD with a quad mic array.  Just like you can’t accept a phone call when the audio is poor, you can’t have a great video call with poor voice.”

Rounding out the robust feature set of the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD is the bundled Live! Central 3 software suite with advanced video and audio effects, avatar creation, movie creation, desktop sharing features and surveillance capabilities. 
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acarzt 3 years ago

I don't think anyone wants to see my ugly mug in HD lol and I don't see the point in a "quad mic array"!!!! for video chat. Seems a bit over kill :-P

inspector 3 years ago

At first i thought it was a Kinetic :P lol. I'll use it for my desktop! :P lol, not so happy for the price though. Do i really need a HD camera with that much features to make a skype call? :D A camera(one snapshot) and a mic is all i need, lol.

omegadoom13 3 years ago

That's cool!  I wonder if this would be more secure than a standard webcam from your computer.. that it, is it hack proof?  I wouldn't want a hacker to turn it on while i'm watching my personal shows on the TV :p

animatortom 3 years ago

This is the camera that Big Brother wants you to buy, they can watch your every move when you are not aware! :P

I am sure somewhere there are people plotting just that, to have everything connected to the Internet and all to have cameras everywhere in your house just like in public! But since it is not Bush doing it, it definitely not evil! :P

Either way, Nice camera, just way to pricey! Not when you can get a decent one in the forty range.

s.holtz 3 years ago

Definitely digging this webcam and can't wait to start using it. Saw this first available on the Skype Shop through a merchant called ChatandVision, and placed my order for one the other day. If anyone else is looking for one here's where I got mine:

AKwyn 3 years ago

Well I love how it's wide and does it's own compression but other then that... What's wrong with the webcam we already have?

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