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Could Google Get Into The Server Chip Business?

Could Google Get Into The Server Chip Business?

Google may be redefining the scope of “soup to nuts”. The company continually adds new lines of products and services, and now Google is reportedly considering getting into the server chip-designing business, too.

The source is simply a “person with knowledge of the matter” that told Bloomberg that Google may design server chips using ARM-based technology. This would be a threat to Intel, which makes a good bit of money in the server market, and Google is a huge buyer.

Google data center
Image credit: Google

Bloomberg says that Google is Intel’s fifth-largest customer and accounts for around 4.3% of the chipmaker’s revenue.

Google declined to comment beyond noting that the company is always designing infrastructure at all hardware levels, but if the company goes with ARM-based server chips, it won’t be alone.
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I am sure it could, but the benefits are legal and not technological. You can design RISC chips for server applications but you will loose the other benefits of the architecture . Also, the manufacturing prowess of INTEL is something that would be hard to overcome. Not a lot of companies can produce 16nm line/space patterns. Google would have to partner with one of those companies or start it's own FAB.

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