Corsair 30GB Accelerator: Cuts Price, Not Performance

When we reviewed Corsair's 60GB Cache Accelerator back in May, we were impressed by the drive's ability to boost the speed of an HDD-based PC without the need for a fresh OS installation. Today, we'll be evaluating the performance of Corsair's 30GB Cache Accelerator. At $54.99 ($44.99 w/ rebate), it's considerably cheaper than the $84 ($74 w/rebate) price tag on the 60GB flavor -- but is 30GB enough to deliver the same performance boost? Let's find out... 

Corsair 30GB Accelerator: Cuts Price, Not Performance

Via:  HotHardware
LBowen 2 years ago

Very nice price points and increases in performance; Corsair has a winner in their hands.

CDeeter 2 years ago

Since you have been using the 60gb drive for a while now, I wonder how much of an increase in performance you have seen over time, or did it plateau pretty quick?

RBaker 2 years ago

What with the increae in HD prices my plans for a raid0 are becomng less and less relevant ssd + 2tb rather than 2x 11tb easily faster and more economic. Now that it does write as wellas read it s fine.

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