Coolest Gadget Watch Yet?

A few years ago when Fossil released a PDA watch, our hearts skipped a beat.  Now Van Der Led is releasing a watch with a feature list that made our hearts palpitate:

“The Van Der Led WM2 is a quad-band GSM watch with itty bitty 1.3-inch, 260k color touchscreen display, stereo Bluetooth, up to 240-hours of standby or 300-minutes talk, and 1GB of storage for a few of your MP3 or MP4 files.”

For the time being this is the closest you can get to owning a watch that would make you feel like the star of a 007 movie.  If this watch garners some success and even carves out a little piece of the market for itself, we have a feeling this won't be the last of its kind.

If Apple decides to mate the iPhone’s smartphone features and iTunes functionality with a watch such as this, we think it should come with a free defibrillator.
Via:  engadget
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willardcw4 6 years ago

Thats awesome... i..! :)

ajayd 6 years ago
Sure beats the heck out of my old Casio calculator watch I had when I was a kid. Hopefully these catch on because I would like to see what else they can squeeze into a watch. This thing is a digital swiss army knife, in a sense.
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

That's pretty awesome.  I haven't had a watch in years, but this would be a good reason to get one again. 

Lev_Astov 6 years ago
Ohhhh. Nice! I love gadgety watches. Right now I've got a Yes Cosmo, but all it does is look cool and calculate the movement of the sun and moon. That thing could probably get software to do that AND act as my phone. (and be cheaper than the Yes watch)

I love how the engadget article gave the price in "US Rubles."
digitaldd 6 years ago

i like the way the keypad is integrated into the wriststrap.. hopefully it has voice dialing though 

higgamo 6 years ago

[quote user="digitaldd"]

i like the way the keypad is integrated into the wriststrap.. hopefully it has voice dialing though 


 yea hope so, would suck for people with big fingers if it didnt have it.

vicaphit 6 years ago

It would be hard to forget your cell phone with this thing, and hard to dial.  I thought the keys on my phone were hard to push, and they are double or triple the size of those!

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