Comcast Still Crazy Over Data Caps, Plans to Expand Overage Fees Trial to More Markets

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those annoying data caps ISPs like to implement aren't going anywhere. And if you're a Comcast subscribers, overage fees aren't taking a hike, either. In fact, the company plans to expand its trial of data overage fees in additional markets starting next month, serving as an indication that it's happy with the ways things have gone thus far.

There's some good news that goes with it. Comcast bumped up its 250GB data cap to a slightly less restricting 300GB, though at a time when everything from game installs to high definition movies come from the cloud (Steam and Netflix, respectively, for example), users aren't likely to take a lot of solace in the extra 50GB.

Comcast Modem

"Effective September 1, 2013, we will introduce a new monthly data usage plan for XFINITY Internet Service in the following areas: Central Kentucky, Savannah, GA and Jackson, MS. This new plan will include 300 GB of data and provide additional choice and flexibility," Comcast said in a statement on its website.

If a subscriber goes over the limit, they'll receive an email and in-browser message alerting them of the overage and will be allocated another 50GB. Comcast will give customers three courtesy months for exceeding the 300GB limit in any 12-monty period, so overage fees won't take effect until the fourth time. At that point, the charge will be $10 each time an additional 50GB is issued.
BillLocke one year ago

What a bunch of ***

Dave_HH one year ago

The first time I even get a hint of an overage charge, or notice, I'll be moving to FiOS.

cjhallx one year ago

FIOS working out OK for us.

Clixxer one year ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]

The first time I even get a hint of an overage charge, or notice, I'll be moving to FiOS.


I would to move to FiOS anyways. It works great here in the Dallas area.

I always hear about data caps from ISPs but I have never seen one. Somehow when I used to have cable I used 500+ GBs of bandwidth and all I got was a letter asking that I make sure I didn't have some kind of spyware on my computer. Sucks for whoever is on comcast.

realneil one year ago

I would do exactly the same if I had FiOS to go to. I don't blame you for doing that Dave. It's BS.

JoshuaAllenDonivan one year ago

So glad I have FIOS.

ChristopherWetmore one year ago

As a former Comcast subscriber in central Kentucky, there are few other options. I've got DSL now, and can live with the slower speeds in return for "unlimited" not really meaning unlimited.

Before I blast Comcast, I'd really like to know if the price is at all justified by the costs of providing it.

Another complication here that I've run into with my telco/ISP: There was money in one of the stimulus bills for upgrading the DSL lines and equipment. If this happens, and the available speed doubles to 12 MB, Comcast might have to back down.

FreeJet one year ago

I use Cox High-Speed Internet (the Preferred Package) and they have what is called a "Data Usage Allowance" which you can actually track online thru your account on their website. The Preferred Package has a 250GB monthy allowance (which was recently increased from 200GB). I surf, stream, download and bittorrent daily and I have yet to use over 70% of that allowance. But that's just me. Others mileage may vary.

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