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Clearwire, Comcast & Sprint Announce Plans For Expanded 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Clearwire, Comcast & Sprint Announce Plans For Expanded 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Clearwire, Comcast, and Sprint plan to make their respective 4G mobile Internet services available in additional cities this summer. Cities scheduled to get the new service include Jacksonville and Daytona, FL; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and Visalia, CA; Wilmington, DE; Grand Rapids, MI; Eugene, OR; and Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA. Each of the companies plans to offer 4G under their own 4G brand.

Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint to Expand 4G Mobile Broadband Service This Summer

4G Coming to Jacksonville, FL; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; and Salt Lake City, UT among Others

Clearwire to Offer CLEAR®

Comcast to Offer Comcast High-Speed 2go™

Sprint to Offer Sprint 4G

KIRKLAND, Wash. & PHILADELPHIA & OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR), Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) (NASDAQ:CMCSK) and Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced plans to launch their respective 4G mobile Internet services to additional cities in the summer of 2010. Each of the companies will offer 4G under their own 4G brand.

The companies plan to launch 4G mobile broadband services this summer in the following cities: Jacksonville and Daytona, FL; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and Visalia, CA; Wilmington, DE; Grand Rapids, MI; Eugene, OR; and Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA. Consumers and businesses should expect to see additional network expansions throughout these cities, and a wide-range of independent marketing and advertising initiatives.

The 4G customer experience from Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint is unlike any other wireless service available today from any national carrier. Customers in these cities will now be able to increase their mobility and productivity in many ways: from instantly downloading large files to get work done on the run, browsing the Web just like at home from across the city, or watching online videos and movies while travelling in the family car around town.

Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint 4G customers can expect to see wireless service significantly faster than today’s 3G. Clearwire and Sprint customers will also be able to purchase a wide range of 4G devices, including compact USB modems and other wireless devices all aimed at making lives in these 4G cities more mobile and efficient.


Clearwire’s 4G service is branded CLEAR. CLEAR offers super fast mobile Internet service that works as fast on the go as it does at home. Customers will be able to purchase service online at, at CLEAR retail stores, from national retailers and local authorized dealers. For more information about pricing, services, devices, and local retail locations, visit

Comcast High-Speed 2go

Comcast’s 4G service, branded Comcast High-Speed 2go, is sold as part of a Fast Pack that bundles the nation’s fastest in-home wired Internet with the nation’s fastest wireless Internet. For more information, visit

Sprint 4G

Sprint’s 4G service is branded Sprint 4G. Sprint 3G/4G dual mode products available today combine the dependable nationwide Sprint 3G network with the turbo-charged wireless connectivity of Sprint 4G. With Sprint 4G, streaming video, fast file downloads and uploads and turbo-charged Web browsing are no longer just home, office or coffee shop benefits. Sprint 4G plans are available from Sprint retail stores, Best Buy stores, and local retailers in 4G service areas as well as Sprint telesales at 1-800-Sprint-1 or online at

Current 4G Markets

4G mobile broadband service is available today in 32 markets covering 41 million people. Services are offered by Clearwire and Sprint in each market as well as Comcast in select markets. By the end of 2010, Clearwire’s 4G mobile broadband network is expected to be available to up to 120 million people across the United States.

Clearwire and Sprint also announced today in separate releases the coming launch of service in additional cities across the United States.

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Had to do a little digging...

But 4G has speeds of:

3-6Mbits and upload of:


Apparently 40 bucks a month unlimited access.

This is for Clear networks. So not sure about the others.

Looks interesting, too bad I don't live anywhere remotely close to a 4G network, let alone a 3G, even a 2G. I think the cell phones we use here where I live still use CDMA? Whatever the most basic of connectivity is.

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What, no Tampa?! GRRRRRR! Well, I'm still getting an EVO 4G phone.

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Chainzsaw, CDMA is used by Sprint, Verizon, and several other carriers. Analog service is old cellular service and I doubt it is available anywhere there is service in the US. So if you have service in the US I would imagine it is 2G unless it's direct satellite.

You would be surprised where Sprint has 3g and even 4G service. I live basically an hour North of Atlanta, my sister in-law lives in Eatonton, which is in the middle of nowhere a bit more than halfway from Atlanta to Augusta. Sprint has 3G service there! As for Tampa I am sure it is 3G, but I would imagine 4G before long.

As far as the EVO goes it is a dual in/out device which works on both 3 and 4G service towers. I was actually quite surprised when I saw what a 4G setup requires on a tower as it is extremely minimal compared. It is basically a metal cooled network mini tower roughly an 8th to a 16th of the size of a 3G ground unit at a cell tower. They also use considerably less energy and are easy add on's antennae wise as well.

So in all reality it would take 2 guys a day to make a tower 4G from what I saw. Whereas; it would take a 4-8 man team a week or more to do a 3G setup, and it saves considerable resources and energy. It makes you wonder why anyone (cellular Providers) are even bothering with 3G standard or even the "upgraded 3.5 as At&t say there installing" as it makes no sense to do so. I would think a big city might take 20-30 2 man teams a month to set up a whole city, or it would seem so to me.

So I feel that the roll out's will pick up in speed, and the overall complete implementation will be faster as well as more complete for any provider as soon as they get started. However; the thing that is holding it up I think, is equipment availability, and licensing.

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I don't know much about cell phones since we just got them here about 1-2 years ago.

I live in Canada way up in the REAL north. Everything we do from internet, to TV, to phone use goes through satellite where I live. Not to mention it is still winter here (-10 with a foot of snow everywhere) :)

Sadly we don't have any direct fibre connections to the south, which is why we are lagging behind everyone in technology. We pay approximately $60 a month for 256Kb speed and a 2GB cap per month.

Yes it sucks, yes I want faster internet, and yes I hate seeing news about the latest and greatest technology that I can't have! Arrgghh

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good god. So a couple of youtube video's and your done for the month. I thought I had it bad being on 3G...I'm sorry! T.T

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Clearwire lost $94 million last quarter. Guess building out that network is costly.

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Yea, next time you complain about your internet being too slow...just bookmark this page and come back and read my previous post and put a smile on your face. Haha.

I hope the come out with 4G here...I can dream all i want :)

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