Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Free To Play On Steam This Weekend

You have two options this weekend -- you can tackle that list of chores you've been meaning to get done, or you can fire up Steam and play Call of Duty: Ghosts for free. Yes, we said FREE! There is a hefty download required, but beyond that, you can hop in and enjoy the game and all the recently added features, such as Heavy Duty mode.

If you end up a CoD convert, you can snag the game for half price. Ghosts is on sale through Steam for $30 instead of its normal $60 selling price. And if not, well, you can jump off the free ride whenever your want or enjoy the free weekend, after which Steam will lock things back up.

Steam Ghosts

While you're checking out games, be advised there's a Ubisoft sale taking place.  A select few titles are marked 75 percent off, such as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon ($2.49) and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory ($2.49), to give two examples. The vast majority are 35 percent off, like Far Cry 3 ($19.49), Rayman Origins ($12.99), and Rayman Legends ($25.99). There will be new deals added daily up through February 24, 2014, Steam says.

So, what will you be playing this weekend?
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sevags 10 months ago

I haven't even downloaded or installed the games I got through the steam holiday sale

Savage animal 10 months ago

the Ubisoft sale is listing Far Cry 3 at $7.49, and the original at $2.49. If you have never played the original Far Cry it is still worth 10 times that price in my not so humble opinion. I highly recommend checking it our for a mere $2.50. I have Ghosts for the 360, but I have no problem playing for free on my platform of choice for the weekend lol.

paul_lilly 10 months ago

Agreed -- the original Far Cry is still a fun title that's easily worth $2.50.

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