Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Goes To The Moon On PCs And Consoles

As if 2014 hasn't already delivered plenty of video gaming goodness to keep you occupied well into the weekend (as in, every single weekend), here's a bit of news that'll have avid RPGers excited: Borderlands is back. The next rendition of the heralded title will be a "pre-sequel," described as a "full-on co-op shooter RPG set in the five year gap between Borderlands 1 & 2)."

It will reportedly be set on the moon of Elpis, and players can select "one of Jack/Johns four lieutenants to play as in Athena The Gladiator, Wilhelm The Enforcer, Nisha The Lawbringer and Fragtrap, a militarized claptrap." Per usual, you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of weaponry options, and yes, laser-based weapons will be available. It's reported that a lack of gravity will keep things interesting in gameplay, and oxygen will become a scarce resource.

As of now, there's no set date for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but rumors peg it sometime during 2014. The only major downside? As of now, the title is only set to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which puts next-gen owners of Xbox One and PS4 out in the cold. 
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JesseLazenby 8 months ago

Joey Lazenby

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

I have yet to play this on PC yet >.< its a must try...

ShaunKish 8 months ago

WHAT!? Screw the consoles! I want it on my PC NOW!!!! HAHA!

nfs3freak 8 months ago

Interesting it'd be set between 1 and 2. I loved 2 but I wouldn't want much to do with the whole Jack story anymore. Humor aside, I got sick of his character after finishing the game once.

TylerVieira 8 months ago

Randy Ray

RandyKiep 8 months ago

ooo fancy

EzHunt 8 months ago

good good :)

acarzt 8 months ago

I still haven't finish the 2nd one. The borderland games are petty awesome though.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

They need a borderlands 3 xP

AdamFerrick 8 months ago

Strange that they'd release it on last-gen's consoles instead of the newer ones. Hopefully they'll reconsider down the road, Borderlands is a great game and it'd be a shame not to be able to play it.

KevinLozandier 8 months ago

Well it's obvious the PC version is the definite version to play, especially with Nvidia's PhysX enabled.

Because of all the action involved with Borderlands, hopefully a decent IPS GSync monitor is out to play it for Nvidia GPUs to see how useful GSync is.

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