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Bonjour, iPhone

Bonjour, iPhone

France has it.  Unlocked, no less, if you want it.  The iPhone has hit mobile carrier Orange's stores.

French consumer law requires Orange to sell handsets that are "unlocked" and able to work on any carrier, which Orange will do. And Germany's Deutsche Telekom is selling an unlocked phone via its T-Mobile unit after a Hamburg court ordered it to, in response to a challenge from rival Vodafone Group PLC.

Unlocked handsets will cost about $965.32 in France, much less than the $1,485.91 T-Mobile is charging in Germany. It costs about $149 to have a handset unlocked independently.

A little less than $1,000 for an unlocked phone?  Hey, T-Mobile: it's exhorbitant, but not quite as exhorbitant.  Take a look, will ya?

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Orange is a pretty well known company not only in europe but in latin america. They are in Dominican Republic and if France got the I-phone for that price you could bet your bet your bandwith that all the others country would have the I-phone so you know what mean, everyone would be watching youtube from their i-phone

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