Blu-Ray Making A Play For The PC

The ongoing format war between Blu-Ray and HD DVD is continuing unabated and the battle has officially spilled over to the PC with the announcement of the $199 Phillips/Lite-On PLDS DH-4O1S internal drive.  The drive may or may not be a direct answer to recent HD players from the likes of Toshiba both for the set top and the PC.

So what kind of a Blu-Ray player does $199 buy you?  Here's the answer:

“Spec-wise, the drive reads either single- or dual-layer BD-R/RE/ROM discs at up to 4X speeds, while single- or double-layer DVD±R or DVD-ROM discs can be read at 12X and single or double-layer DVD±RW discs can be read at 8X speeds. DVD, Single-layer or Double-layer media at 4X maximum. Single Layer DVD ±R or DVD-ROM can be read at 12X max, while Double Layer DVD±R and Single Layer DVD±RW can be read at 8X max. CD-R/RW/ROM has a maximum read speed of 32X.”

Battle lines over the next generation formats have already been drawn in Hollywood and it might take a dual-format player at a bargain price to win wide acceptance.  At least the industry is rapidly moving towards lower price points.
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XaviarCraig 7 years ago

Well until the blank disks of either format are less than 1$ with tax, neither are worth it. I think I speak for most of us when I say; I don't watch many movies on my desktop/laptop. That being said all that really matters(outside of price) is capacity and reliability. Seeing as HD DVDs hold 15GB where blu-ray disks hold 25GB... Blu-ray already has the advantage. I am not going into dual layer disks since DL-DVD-R(s) are still 2$ a pop even though they have been available almost as long as DVD-Rs.

 Anyway, I think blu-ray will win on the PC if they can match the price of HD-DVD. If they cannot match the price... Well then HD-DVD will probably win out.

nelsoncp21 7 years ago

I think this has a much larger impact on HTPC's which are becoming more and more popular.

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