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Bang & Olufsen Announces App For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

Bang & Olufsen Announces App For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

Bang & Olufsen is extending control of home automation and home entertainment to your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via the new BeoLink application. This new app gives you access to audio and video controls as well as the home automation system. The BeoLink application sends commands via Wi-Fi. The interface is customizable to show the scenes and commands requested by the customer. The app is free and currently available in the App store.

Bang & Olufsen Announces BeoLink Application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Offering total smart-phone integration of home entertainment and environmental controls - even when one is not at home

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Bang & Olufsen, the Danish provider of high-end audio and video products, introduces the BeoLink application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad -- new software that is offered for free in Apple's App Store. The application seamlessly expands and extends the experience delivered via Bang & Olufsen's Master Link Gateway by giving access to audio and video, as well as the home automation system, using either the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

When coming home, one can use the iPhone to switch on music and at the same time turn on the light in the house and unlock the front door. If outside in the backyard and the remote is not handy, the BeoLink application will still allow the homeowner to change the CD or turn up the volume on the television or audio system. When leaving for work, there is no need for one to worry about whether the music or television was turned off -- a simple push of a button on the iPhone will make it all happen.

"We are very happy to extend control of home automation and home entertainment via this simple application," says Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America. "Giving customers greater freedom and convenience in their intelligent home fits hand-in-hand with Bang & Olufsen's ongoing philosophy that technology should be the servant of man, not the other way around."

The BeoLink application, which is designed by Ikatu, sends its commands via Wi-Fi, and the interface is highly personalized and tailor-made to only show the scenes and commands which the customer requested when installing the Master Link Gateway.

It is a unique way to extend the benefits of the Master Link Gateway, with control from the minute one is within Wi-Fi range. It offers control beyond the house limits, is conveniently always at hand when needed, and is a highly personal tool.

Gateway to the home

More and more people value an intelligent home, where simplicity and ease-of-operation are of prime importance. This entails an intuitive, yet all-encompassing control, and Bang & Olufsen is among the very first companies in the world to offer this in a mobile version.

Via Master Link Gateway, customers can control and operate all their home automation equipment, as well as their A/V equipment, from all over the house with the Beo5 remote control, and they can also choose to control their A/V system from their home automation panel if convenient. The Master Link Gateway even extends one touch control from inside the home to an array of systems outside, such as gates, garage doors, lights, alarms and more.

With Master Link Gateway, Bang & Olufsen uses its extensive experience within system control to bridge the gap between entertainment and environment in the home, thus ensuring that Beo5 is the only remote control needed on the coffee table. With the addition of the BeoLink application, the experience is taken a step further to now offer control that transcends the borders of the house.

Extending the remote

In addition to the extra convenience and a sensation of "magical" control of the entire house, the BeoLink application offers customers a Bang & Olufsen touch and feel to the smart phone user interface. It enables control even before entering the home, after leaving the home, or simply whenever one's mobile phone is in hand. Simple, personal and convenient, the BeoLink App is a great solution for those who use the mobile phone extensively and prefer collecting all applications on it.

Together with Master Link Gateway, the BeoLink application is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to take the intelligent home to a new level, with unprecedented freedom in control and ease of use.

The BeoLink application is available now via the Apple App store. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can download the free application directly from there.
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B&O first impressed me when I was still a young man, many years ago. Someone that I was introduced to had a Bang & Olufsen home stereo system with a Beogram 6002 linear tracking turntable. It was the most impressive idea that I had ever seen in a record player/turntable. Although they were not the first to use linear tracking, it was probably the most elegant one out there, at the time. The stereo portion of that system was pretty awesome too. Their products are very expensive, but some things really ARE worth the money. Cool

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I don't think I would want this hooked up to anything related to home security. Not sure if it makes things safer or just more convenient for me (and hackers).


Everything else sounds cool though.

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Bang & Olufsen Is amazing when it comes to music.

This is the great part, using the Ipod for controlling your Home Theatre.

Its kinda what I am hoping for with the Droid systems they are coming out with. If they could make the EVO control everything it could replace all those remotes and other eyesores:)

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