Apple Introducing Headphone Connector Via Lightning Instead Of 3.5mm Jack

Apple has added a spec to its MFi (Made-For-iPhone/iPad/iPod) program that allows for a headphone connection via the Lightning port instead of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, and the functionality will come via an iOS 7.1 software update.

According to 9to5Mac, the Lightning port will allow headphones to receive lossless stereo 48kHz digital audio streams--as well as a mono 48kHz output, which means that users’ headphones could have a microphone to allow for voice input. Thus, you could ostensibly control the audio (volume up/down, pause/play, and even perhaps app launching).

Beats Lightning
Credit: 9to5Mac

There will be two types of headphones: Standard Lightning Headphones will be simpler and will support the Lightning Headphone Module, while the Advanced Lightning Headphones will add choice features such as noise cancellation and a digital signal processor.

Nothing has been revealed in terms of this development and Apple’s blockbuster Beats acquisition, but it would make sense for Beats to produce the earliest ear cans using the Lightning connector standard.

On the one hand, it’s kind of smart for Apple to introduce technology that can eliminate one port entirely and consolidate more functionality into the single Lightning port; on the other hand, it’s such an Apple thing to do to snub the venerable headphone jack and force anyone making headphones for iOS devices to use the company’s proprietary tech.
Via:  9to5Mac
Dave_HH 6 months ago

Of course they are....

LLeCompte 6 months ago

Dont know how I feel about this. Are they trying to make headphones for just Apple devices? I cant see this taking off in the professional realm.

AdamShepherd 6 months ago

New iPhone with 2 Lightning port. just $1999

sevags 6 months ago

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did they do sit around a table with a bunch of pencil pushers and accountants and asked "what is the fastest way we can destroy this company?" !!?!?!?!? HAHAHA I said I hoped apple ran Beats audio into the ground and it looks like it might happen even sooner than I thought. Why would ANYONE even with an iPhone like me want audio from the lightening connector???? When you are paying a lot for headphones you sort of want them to be universal with everything not just the latest iPhone, iPad, or iPod... What about using with my Apple Macbook Air!? OHHH right there will be a $19 lightning to 3mm adapter available.....

If they eliminate the 3mm jack from the iPhone I definitely would switch phones!!! I have a pair of Shure se425 and no way am I spending another $19 on a 3mm to lightning connector either LMAO and then have to keep track of it or I can't listening to music.

In the end what have we learned? Apple's ideas suck. Their whole goal, sell 2 new adapters, force some people to buy special lightning headphones, and push others to purchase Beats new Bluetooth headphones.

Stick it to your customers Apple!

DGuilln 6 months ago

Overpricing, overpricing eerywhere

DGuilln 6 months ago

Overpricing, overpricing eerywhere

JonationAtion 6 months ago

but guess what- they'll pay it anyway.

luckily bad business eventually implodes like the parasite it is. you can only leech the consumer so long

KOwen 6 months ago

I don't mind a more modern connection type if it provides better quality audio and features but last time I checked you can't plug these into an iPod or even play lossless quality songs on one. putting the cart before the horse.

ricofrost 6 months ago

Just another way to lock in apple users. You would be crazy do buy one of those, you wont be able to plug it in to another other device.

Surely people are not this dumb....

JPabloGiziriian 6 months ago

Stupidity at its maximum extent

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