Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Disagrees with Apple's Patent Victory Over Samsung

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and inventor of the Apple I and Apple II, has never been one to bite his tongue, and he certainly didn't when asked what he thought about the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. In three words, "I hate it," Wozniak explains, and he also doesn't agree with Apple's $1 billion victory over Samsung.

"I don't think the decision of California will hold. And I don't agree with it -- very small things I don't really call that innovative," Wozniak told Bloomberg in an interview.

iPhone 5

Apple sued Samsung for allegedly ripping off the look and feel of iPhone and iPad devices in creating its Galaxy line, with mixed results around the world. Here in the U.S., a jury ultimately decided in Apple's favor, awarding the company over a billion dollars in damages. Samsung is expected to appeal, but in the meantime, the same battle wages on in overseas courts.

"I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody's technologies," Wozniak added.

A man can dream, can't he?
Via:  Bloomberg
ECouts 2 years ago

Finally! Someone from Apple that doesn't do whatever they can to squeeze a few more dollars out of someone!

ricofrost 2 years ago

Steve Wozniak I love this guy, His so down to earth and is never one sided.

mhenriday 2 years ago

Kudos to this Apple Steve - the innovator, not the megalomaniac !...


realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="mhenriday"]the innovator[/quote]

The original,.........

I have a lot of respect for this guy.

mhenriday 2 years ago

You're not alone, realneil ! Big Smile He's one of the few who doesn't require the hype created by advertising agencies and less knowledgeable journalists to win general admiration from those who follow these matters....

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