Apple Anticipates Record iPhone Demand, Asks Suppliers To Prep 70-80 Million Large Screen Handsets

Apparently Apple is anticipating not only record demand for its next iPhone launch, but a near exponential rise in sales compared to previous models (slight exaggeration). Or perhaps Apple wants to avoid lengthy backorders -- either way, it's being reported that Apple has asked suppliers to ready between 70 million an 80 million iPhone 6 devices by the end of the year.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal says the record number of iPhones requested is a combined order for two large screen handsets, one with a 4.7-inch display and a second version with a 5.5-inch display. Rumors of two different display sizes have been ongoing for several months now, though Apple has yet to announce a new iPhone model.

iPhone 6 Glass

Apple's initial order of combined iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S devices was for between 50 million and 60 million units last year, far less than what it's being reported for the iPhone 6. Even so, Apple may still end up with a shortage of devices -- not only has iPhone demand been on the rise, but a large screen iPhone 6 that approaches phablet territory could attract a brand new audience.

This hasn't been an issue in the Android camp where there are smartphones available in a variety of sizes. Samsung has been especially successful with its larger screen devices, namely its flagship Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Note phablets.

Apple could potentially attract current Samsung handset owners to jump over to the iPhone with a larger screen display. In addition, the use of a sapphire composite panel that's more durable than Corning's Gorilla Glass could end up being another major selling point in Apple's favor.
NicoPetrauschke 5 months ago

Und dann noch 100€ teurer machen für etwas was es woanders billiger gibt,zudem ein geschlossenes System wo man nichtmal etwas versenden kann an Geräte ohne äpfel....

TButtons 5 months ago

So what does this new phone do that will make people just camp in line for weeks to be the first to own it? Oh right! It doesn't matter! It could be a box filled with rocks and Apple could sell millions of them at premium prices!

ThomasTaege 5 months ago

I'm a little leery about how organic these devices are going to feel in your hand. I like to be able to touch the entire screen with my thumb and not have to use both hands, one reason I hate Samsung's Galaxy S series. I'm definitely intrigued enough to give the new devices a test drive at the apple store when they drop though. Maybe apple actually knows something we don't for the first time in a while on their last few launches and they actually will be able so sell 80 million iphones off the bat.

NathanMeters 5 months ago

Haha... I wouldn't give up my note 3 for a Crapple Ishit even if it had a hologram ... ios is like prison compared to android !

Ricofrost 5 months ago

Apple plays catch up and people are impressed.... don't get it...

RonaldSmith 5 months ago

Oh you will have your Apple sheeple lined outside waiting to get their hands one. Apple loves you folks.

AaronDean 5 months ago

Apple can anticipate all they want lol they are a Lil late to the party kinda like their supposed watch lol

ChrisHunter 5 months ago


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