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Apple and Motorola Legal / Patent Spat Tentatively Dismissed

Apple and Motorola Legal / Patent Spat Tentatively Dismissed

Lawsuits, lawsuits, and a few more suits. That's staying in the news here lately, with loads of major technology companies ratcheting up the ammunition in court cases against one another. Now, however, we're finally getting a breather in one of the more public spats. Motorola and Apple have been at each other for months, even years now, but a U.S. district judge has opted to dismiss a case -- tentatively, at least -- surrounding lawsuits between the two. Naturally, the suits concern patent infringements between Apple and Motorola Mobility, which was recently acquired by Google.

Why did the judge pull the plug for now? He said that "both companies failed to support a case for damages and because imposing any injunctions would have been contrary to the public interest," as reported by The Los Angeles Times. The case was set to start on Monday, the day that Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off, but that's on hold. All of this ties back to 2010, when Apple originally sued Moto for supposedly infringing on four patents; not surprisingly, Motorola counter-sued Apple. He said, she said.

Apple isn't commenting, but we're pretty sure the whole thing being delayed until after WWDC is a plus for the company. Now, if only each outfit would use this cooling-off period to put their differences aside...
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If you wanna buy something not Apple you better hurry before Apple has them banned, do the same for HTC and or Samsung smartphone's of yeah and Motorola, actually on second though if you want to buy anything new and of current technology you better hurry before Apples no competition law goes into affect in which anyone with anything new who is not Apple is unfair competition for Apple and therefore banned for sale anywhere in the world.

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This decision by Judge Richard Posner - and those hitherto by Judge William Alsup in Oracle's equally absurd suit against Google - is the best news that's come out of the US legal system in many a year. Just the other day, the US Patent Office granted Apple a patent, N. D661,296 S, on the (from the side) «wedged-shaped design» of a certain type of portable computer. In the US, patents - and here in Europe, «design registrations» on obvious variations of the so-called Platonic solids are granted without any consideration of the fact that people having been using these latter since long before the Greek philosopher's day ! When is the system going to be amended so that companies once again are forced to compete on the quality of the products designed by engineers and developers, rather than on the specious arguments of their highly paid lawyers ? (I don't mention here the possibility of competing on the quality of workmanship, as for the most part all these products are made by diligent but grossly under-paid Chinese workers in a Foxconn factory....)


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