Plans Whole Line of Android Tablets: Report

The fact, or at least poorly hidden rumor, that is going to unveil an Android tablet "sometime," and probably sooner, rather than later. That's pretty exciting to many. How would you feel if you were to learn that the company is planning a line of Android tablets?

That's what a tipster has told Android and Me. The source is apparently an "industry insider with direct knowledge of the project." Reportedly, is working on a series of devices, with a few different-sized tablets as well as smartphone. While the tipster didn't allude to any specific sized, A&M speculated that there would be a smartphone in the 4-inch range, and at least a 6-inch and 9.7-inch tablet, to duplicate the sizes of the Kindle and Kindle DX.

The source said it would be an "entire family" of Android devices.

Even though has kept things under wraps, when Consumer Reports took time to interview founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, and asked him about the possibility, he said "Stay tuned."

As we will.
realneil 3 years ago

Good, then sell them for less and everyone else will follow suit.

scoinv2 3 years ago

Amazon can sell a sub $200 to $100 Chinese no brand Android tablet for $150 to $50 as a lose leader knowing they will make money on the back end through the Amazon store. Result? Positive for consumers. Negative for the brand names.

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