Amazon to Invade Video Streaming Hardware Market With TV Set Top Box

It sounds like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is doing it again--playing the disrupter by using Amazon's massive resources to surgically invade a new market segment--and this time, the company is focused on the hardware side of the video streaming market.

Bloomberg, citing “people with knowledge of the matter”, said that Amazon is planning to release a TV set-top box whose primary purpose would be steaming video--presumably from its own Amazon Video on Demand and Amazon Prime services.

Amazon video

This would put the company in direct competition with the likes of Roku, Boxee, and Apple, as well as Microsoft and Sony, whose consoles let users stream video, as well. Such a move would also give Amazon another vector for money-making in its competition with companies such as Netflix and Hulu that offer streaming video but not any hardware. Further, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see an Amazon set-top box that could also run some apps from the company’s app store.

This development might also portend a future where Amazon functions as a de facto TV provider; it already has bountiful video available for streaming, and we know that the company is (like Netflix) planning its own original programming. With its own streaming box connected to your TV, Amazon could hit the trifecta.
Via:  Bloomberg
ajm531 one year ago

why... i guess it pushes competition but still unless its really innovative.

sevags one year ago

Why don't they just make the "app" like Netflix has and make sure it is available for every smart TV and gaming console and you're good.

Clixxer one year ago

I thought most of them do today. I know the PlayStation and Xbox do along with some of the other streaming boxes. It does seem likes its alot of money to be wasting on producing hardware but alot of people said that about the Kindle Fire and while Amazon takes a lose on the actual hardware they make up for it selling other stuff though it.

ChristopherT. one year ago

Because their hardware ties you into their ecosystem.

realneil one year ago

I have a ROKU now. It's a fantastic little device and was not very expensive either. Amazon will have to hit one out of the park to get me to change over.

Clixxer one year ago

[quote user="realneil"]

I have a ROKU now. It's a fantastic little device and was not very expensive either. Amazon will have to hit one out of the park to get me to change over.


Hey Neil do you have any issues playing MKV files or streaming large files with that? Ive been looking at them lately. I got a buddy that might trade me his Roku for my Raspberry Pi.

Sevags one year ago

Realneil; what is the benefit of the roku box? I don't see why any of them need to have boxes: roku, blockbuster, Netflix, hulu, amazon prime, HBO, Redbox/Verizon, none of them. I don't see why the app route isn't the best route? Sure it requires someone to upgrade at least 1 component like to a smart tv, a BD player that supports apps, a new(er) gaming console etc however many homes already have 1 of these. Someone could buy a cheap Google TV box and run the apps for all these services on 1 set- top box rather than having several in ones home.

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