All HP PCs From 2012+ To Be WebOS-Capable

Leo Apotheker has a tall order ahead of him. HP as a whole as doing quite well, make no mistake. The company is selling a ton of PCs to consumers and businesses alike, but ever since the company acquired Palm, mobile pundits have been watching to see what the future would hold for such an iconic brand. At HP's latest press event, they basically decided to ditch the Palm brand completely. The newest devices as labeled "HP," not "Palm," so it remains to be seen how consumers will respond. Will they think less of the typically corporate HP label? Will they focus on the fact that WebOS remains the same despite the rebrand?

And will they be interested in WebOS for their desktop? Yes, that's a real question. In a recent report from Businessweek, Leo stated that he wants to "make better use of WebOS." That obviously requires installing WebOS on every single PC shipped by HP. It'll probably remain an option, but the CEO told the reporter that each HP PC shipped in 2012+ will have the "ability" to run WebOS. Why? To entice software developers. The WebOS market has suffered in terms of popularity, and there just aren't too many developers out there choosing to develop for WebOS instead of Android or iOS.

It's a bold move, but it's one that might work. HP ships a ton of PCs, as we said, and that would instantly get WebOS into the hands of a ton of new consumers -- consumers who may otherwise never see WebOS on a mobile device. Honestly, we're excited about the move. WebOS is a fantastic OS that simply hasn't received the attention it deserves. By getting into the hands of more customers, who knows -- Android and iOS may have a third rival to more seriously worry about.
Via:  Businessweek
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coolice 3 years ago

Hey if they can get a dual boot system go on.... for example, checking email, youtube videos etc, hell, just put that in alongside windows.... 5 second power up, 2 second power down.

when something specific needs to done... instant switch to the other os (photoshop etc)

rapid1 3 years ago

To tell you the truth I think M$ better get off there butt's as it looks like 2012 will start being a negative for them. From what I have heard the have lost anywhere from 2.9-4.7% in users to smart phones and tablets already, and some to Apple as well.

One thing I find interesting here to which many don't see. While Linux as Linux percentage wise may rank about the same in all reality iOS, Meego, Android, WebOS, Firefox etc all started and or are basically forms of Linux (or Linux app's). Apple used Unix to create there OS so by definition it is basically a form of Linux all to there own hardware, Firefox started in the Linux community basically (when Netscape died), Android is a straight open source Linux version as is Meego from what I am understanding as well as others.

So if our computing world goes to this mobile cloud platform which it seems to be doing in many cases as we speak, then Linux is taking root in a very strong way.

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