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Alarm Clock that Hides is a Big Hit in Japan

Alarm Clock that Hides is a Big Hit in Japan

Ever see those cartoons where someone wakes up and smashes their alarm clock in exhaustion?  That wouldn't work with "Clocky."

A moving alarm clock on wheels that rolls about the room beeping and hides so users have to get up and turn it off has proved a hit in Japan following its introduction here.

The unique clock, named "Nanda Clocky" in Japan, was designed three years ago by 27-year-old Gauri Nanda, who was studying at a university in the United States at the time. Nanda, who reportedly struggled to wake up in the morning herself, formed a company and launched the product earlier this year.

Yep, don't you just hate that?  It was an obvious idea that any of us could have thought of, but we didn't.  Ah, well.

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It's funny. I just mentioned this exact clock to my coworkers this morning. There are alternatives, actually. Some American inventor made a clock several years ago that launches a golf ball when it goes off and the user must retrieve it in order to reset the alarm. There's one that I know was marketed recently in which a flying disc thing gets launched into the air when it goes off, which also must be replaced onto its stand before the alarm will stop. This Nanda Clocky is really the best, however.

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