Acer Demonstrates Oak Trail-Based MeeGo 10.1" Tablet

It's unlikely that MeeGo has an incredibly bright future. Nokia's own CEO doesn't seem to hip on keeping it around as a long-term solution, and with Windows Phone 7 taking their full attention now, it's not surprising that MeeGo would be taking a back seat. But that's not stopping some companies from serving up MeeGo products that may have very well already been in the works. At the Computex trade show this year, Acer is showcasing a new prototype of a tablet that runs MeeGo, powered by an Intel CPU.

It's the first Acer tablet to run on the new OS, using a 10.1" display and having an estimated release date of year-end 2011. The UI is fairly pleasing to the eye, and is said to be highly customizable. The only real specifications that were let loose is an Atom Z670 CPU (Oak Trail), so it looks like we'll have to wait until later in the year before finding out more. Will a MeeGo tablet stand a chance against the iPad 2 and the slew of Honeycomb tablets hitting the market? It'll be an uphill battle, that's for sure...

Via:  Tech-On!
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dadodgeson 3 years ago

Man this technology changes so fast they can't keep up, i would worry they won't update the ui / sys in three or four months and the thing be obsolete with in a year

grantmcwilliams 3 years ago

Have you gone to Google News and typed in MeeGo? No really, go do it now then come back and say that MeeGo doesn't have a bright future. If I had to put money on either Nokia or MeeGo surviving I'd put it on MeeGo. Nokia pulled a Palm this time around and I don't think they'll recover either (as Palm didn't).

omegadraco 3 years ago

After seeing this tablet I am going to try MeeGo out on a spare netbook I have at work and see how it runs. It is nice to see that it is free to download so I am sure updates will continue to be done.

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