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AT&T to Flip the 4G LTE Switch in Several New Markets, Even Kalamazoo

AT&T to Flip the 4G LTE Switch in Several New Markets, Even Kalamazoo

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo, as shops in the Michigan city like to point out on touristy T-shirts (I should know, I live in the Kalamazoo area). And yes, AT&T's 4G LTE service is now available in Kalamazoo, offering residents mobile Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. It's one of several cities in which AT&T has either just activated 4G LTE, or plans to do so in the coming months.

AT&T is feverishly trying to catch up with Verizon Wireless, the market leader in terms of 4G LTE coverage, which covers almost 500 markets. Many of the cities AT&T announced today -- including Lake City, Texarkana, New Iberia, Spokane, Batavia, Asheville, and a whole bunch more -- will be beneficiaries of the wireless carrier's 4G LTE expansion later this summer.

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Ma Bell is also concentrating its efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it expanded coverage to include parts of San Rafael, Pittsburg, Antioch, Livermore, Brentwood, and Novato.

"We've seen positive response from customers on our 4G LTE launch, and as today's expansion shows, we're continuing our rollout of fast 4G LTE speeds to more areas of the San Francisco Bay Area," said Terry Stenzel , AT&T Vice President and General Manager for Northern California and Northern Nevada.

All tallied, AT&T so far has announced over 70 new markets where it plans to roll out 4G LTE service.
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I grew up in the Kalamazoo area. It's good to see some companies offering new services in the area. While 4G LTE means very little to me (I prefer a naming structure that reflects the actual speed of a network rather than which generation it is and I don't own any 4G LTE devices), I do like that they picked Kalamazoo to expand into (as well). Though, personally, I wish it was Google Fiber instead of AT&T.

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I know this pretty much a pointless post and has nothing to do with the topic but im rooting for Google Fiber being everywhere it can be. That or atleast since AT&T is going to compete with them now that Comcast, Time Warner, ect recognize that they better offer their customers more or they will start to leave them at a faster rate than they already are.


Well to sorta go back on topic it is good to see AT&T is expanding their coverage of areas. Atleast LTE "can" be true 4G even it still can't hit the speeds that were the original specification. The HSPA+ crap should never have been able to call themselves 4G but hopefully we will one day catch up to the rest of the world.

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