AT&T Targeting MyWi Users For Unpaid Tethering

Looks like those days of free-spirited tethering on AT&T may be over. AT&T has been known to really crack down on those trying to manipulate data on an iPhone. If you take a normal AT&T SIM and pop it into an iPhone, for example, you'll quickly be alerted that you are being switched over to an iPhone data plan. The company clearly knows who is using what on their service, and they're most keen on knowing what's going on with those using the iPhone. For months now, those who would prefer not to pay extra for tethering have been able to use the MyWi app to do so without charge. The only requirement was a jailbroken device.

But now, it looks like AT&T is clamping down on MyWi users. Many are reporting that they have recently received a text message telling them that they are aware of the user's unauthorized tethering, and the message basically tells them that they will either need to call to confirm that they don't plan on doing it any longer, or they'll be switched over to a tethering data plan on the carrier. It's a pretty evil and sour move from a consumer standpoint, but we certainly understand the position that AT&T is in.

The cheapest data plan is the 4GB DataPro package, which runs $45 per month. If you're using a grandfathered unlimited $30/month plan currently, having AT&T switch you off of it could be a real bummer. So if you've been using MyWi, you may want to reconsider your actions. You may not like what happens should you continue.

Via:  OS X Daily
3vi1 3 years ago

AT&T's really going nuts about cranking down on the bandwidth usage lately, eh? I would be very interested to see some statistics showing how much new bandwidth they have added each year, and how their marketing costs compare to what was spent on expanding their network.

dadodgeson 3 years ago

at&t suck

inspector 3 years ago

meh, doesn't concern me :). by the way, what would happen if they continued? :D

CRay 3 years ago

yes denny at&t does suck lol

CRay 3 years ago


CRay 3 years ago


coolice 3 years ago

interesting... how are they able to determine if someone is tethering? what if you have a rooted phone with a custom rom? (android). Or is this only iphone related??

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