ASUS Delivers 28-inch PB287Q Monitor, 4K For $649

ASUS announced its latest 4K monitor, and it’s a 28-inch 4K panel that starts at $649. ASUS touts the PB287Q’s color reproduction, saturation, and smooth color gradations. The monitor also boasts a zippy 1ms response and 60Hz refresh rate.

Ports include DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI ports, the second of which supports MHL, and the panel can tilt, swivel, and pivot and offers 170-degree viewing angles. The contrast ratio is listed as 100,000,000:1.

ASUS 4k monitor

ASUS baked in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) support, and thus you can view 1080p HD content in a second source down in the corner. There are also several ASUS proprietary technologies including QuickFit Virtual Scale, VividPixel, GamePlus, and EyeCare Technology, as well as SplendidPlus Video Intelligence and Game, Theater, sRGB, Reading, and Darkroom modes. The PB287Q also has built-in 2W stereo speakers.

ASUS will make the 4K monitor available in mid-June.
Via:  ASUS
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Rosec14 7 months ago

...It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...

I'm just waiting for 4K to become so ubiquitous that it's as cheaply available as a normal screen is today. Good thing I'm patient. :D

UnfortunateCondolence 7 months ago

Rosec14 7 months ago


NickModrowski 7 months ago

That's a pretty decent price tag for a 60hz 4k monitor.

RJeffries 7 months ago

I want one of these, but of course I would want to do everything at 4K and current video cards (Incuding Titan Z @ $3000) are no where near where they need to be yet. Imagine trying to play Watch Dogs on Ultra @4K!

NathanMeters 7 months ago

It's a TN panel ... * next page *

NathanMeters 7 months ago

It's a crappy TN panel ....

NickModrowski 7 months ago

looks like people complain about TN panels solely because they read othe people complain about TN panels... if you aren't viewing it from a wide angle it should be more than adequate.

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