AMD Releases Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver, Patches Steam Issues

Just how important has Linux become? Very. Just weeks after hearing that Steam would be launching for the world's favorite open-source desktop OS, AMD has just announced new Catalyst drivers made specifically for -- you guessed it -- Linux. The Catalyst 13.1 Proprietary Linux Graphics were just let loose into the wild, and it provides budding Linux gamers with bona fide GPU support for a huge swath of AMD Radeon graphics cards. Everything from the Radeon HD 5000 series to the Radeon E6760 embedded family is supported, as well as cards that are stuffed within all-in-one PCs, integrated GPS, and AMD Mobility GPUs.

The latest version of the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite is designed to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux suite 5.7, 5.8, 6.2 and 6.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP4 and 11 SP2,
OpenSUSE 11.4 and 12.1, and Ubuntu 12.10. Known issues and further instructions are there in the via link, and you can feel free to leave a "FINALLY!" comment below if you're appreciative of getting a bit of well-deserved Linux love.
Via:  AMD
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sevags one year ago

Right??? In every sector of computing. Amd HAS to strengthen their presence here since Nvidia has been treding more and more Linux waters. That and if their future roadmap really points more to "small computing" and the mobile space it must start becoming more familar with the seas conditions.

OSunday one year ago

Making its self more compatible with Linux is definitely a way to give AMD a boost and level the playing field with Nvidia

IndianArt one year ago


IndianArt one year ago


Pr0ctor one year ago

AMD has always been good for Linux in a low key way. Happy to see this move from Low Key. Be even happier if I heard that part of this move includes rehiring those German Linux developers who helped make GL work.

TCMish one year ago

"FINALLY!!!" just doesn't cut it!! If this is anywhere near the standard of Nvidia Linux drivers then this will be amazing! It has taken too long to get the full performance out of my 5970.

mhenriday one year ago

Thanks for the heads-up, Ray ! Perhaps I'm no longer limited to NVidia cards and can now consider replacing my ancient GeForce 7900 GTX with a Radeon model ! As noted in Ray's article, this new driver is said to work with Ubuntu 12.10 - anybody here know if it also works with 12.04 LTS ?...


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