A History of The Internet: From Concept To Napster and Facebook (Infographic)

Do you recall a day when the Internet was first referred to as the "Intergalactic Network?"  Perhaps you recall a little company called CompuServe?  Okay, you're dating yourself now, so be careful.  The sad truth is we recall CompuServe all too well and a few other milestones along the way in this interesting infographic sent over to us from MBA Online.  Ahh, those dial-up modems chirping away at you upon connecting with that BBS you so loved to frequent.  Or maybe you have fond memories of that blazing fast 14.4K modem from U.S. Robotics?  Don't let the kids hear you strolling down memory lane like this or you might find yourself labeled an esteemed member of the Geritol club or "old skool."  Regardless, it's interesting to see how far we've come since the days of Mosaic for web browsing and even the birth of such big internet monoliths as eBay.  Now we have Twitter and Facebook.  What's your take on what we should expect as the next "big idea?"

Via:  MBA Online
Marius Malek 4 years ago

Holy crap! YouTube is only five years old? 

Wow it doesn't even seem like it considering how widely popular it's become, it almost seems as if it's been there forever. 


NThompson 4 years ago

I remember before Youtube if somebody wanted to put up a video they would have to beg somebody for web space. Same with pictures before the 10 million picture websites. The Xbox 360 was announced before Youtube came out, and offered a stream to the announcement online. If you wanted to watch the announcement again you would have to play a .wmv file in the browser or download the video, and .wmv files in the browser still do not work correctly. Today somebody will just upload it to Youtube and you can watch it easily.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

You sure that was the Xbox 360 and not the first version of the Xbox?

3vi1 4 years ago

>> Perhaps you recall a little company called CompuServe?

I was a sysop in the Vidgames forum. Ah... the good old days of breaking up kids arguing over whether the SNES or Genesis was the best system, and whether or not the Jaguar was really 64-bit.

I got my first internet access by calling up a local university, because ISPs with local dialups were still not available.  This was back when you still needed Trumpet Winsock.

Oh god I feel old now.

Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="News"] Perhaps you recall a little company called CompuServe?[/quote]

Back in the day CompuServe gave me a $400 rebate towards the purchase of my PC when I signed-up for their service.

MLawrence 3 years ago

I was googling for an essay 'bout history of the internet and I stumbled upon this infographic through digg. Nice article but would have done me more favor if it's updated 'til at least 2010. I guess I'll use this one instead http://www.webhostingsearch.com/articles/history-of-internet.php. Can't believe youtube was up since '05. I didn't know about til like 2007 or 8

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