80GB PS3 Disappears from Online Stores

An allegedly leaked internal Best Buy memo about the demise of the 80GB PS3 seems to be coming true.

Both companies were difficult to reach today, in the wake of the Tuesday news leak to PS3 Fanboy concerning Best Buy's discontinuation of the 80GB PlayStation 3.

However, as of this evening on Best Buy's site, the only PS3 SKU available is 8588584, the 40GB unit, which lacks PS2 compatibility.

Popular electronics retailer Fry's has also apparently discontinued sales of the 80GB model.

No comment from Sony, and Wal-Mart, Target and Circuit City still have the 80GB model in stock.

Via:  BetaNews
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entermymatrix03 6 years ago

 Lacks PS2 compatibility? I thought it did software emulation instead of hardware emulation like the 80GB models.

rizax 6 years ago
Not this version, the updated 40gig has had the emulation completely removed. So your only chance at getting backwards compat. is to get a gen 1 40gig or find an 80 before they all disappear
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