Rabbit Ears Are Back: TWC Resorts To Handing Out Antennas During CBS Blackout

For many Time Warner Cable subscribers, we're going into yet another weekend where CBS is unavailable. Due to stalled negotiations over subscription rates, TWC and CBS have yet to come to terms on what it'll take to get the network back on-air. So, in order to prevent TWC customers from fleeing elsewhere (particularly as the NFL regular season nears its start), the operator is taking extreme measures: it's handing out free antennas.

That's right: with CBS blacked-out via cable services, TWC is hoping that its customers lean on over-the-air network waves to capture signal. Time Warner Cable has a limited quantity of basic indoor antennas available to pick up, for free, for customers at our TWC retail locations in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles/Desert Cities, New York City, plus Milwaukee and Green Bay in Wisconsin.In addition, TWC has partnered with Best Buy in those cities to provide $20 toward the purchase of any in-stock broadcast antenna at select Best Buy store locations.

Head on over to TWC's site for details on where you can grab one. Imagine that -- in 2013, you need to bust the rabbit ears back out to watch football. Crazy, huh?
Sevags one year ago

I've mentioned my hatred for TWC before but all hatred aside any TV service provider that's offering me rabbit ears to get a channel would be kicked to the curb. I don't care that it's free who would want to install an antenna these days? Especially to a nice home theatre setup. I hope people flee TWC because of this like cockroaches fleeing an inner-city apartment building that's being fumigated.

Dave_HH one year ago

It's a pretty sad state of affairs but at least they're making an effort to do something.

sevags one year ago

Dave, it's not trying when they got themselves in this situation. Over the last 4 years this has happened several times with TWC while I can't recall another service provider having the same problem or the same channel having the same problem with other networks. TWC did this to their customers and instead of dropping the monthly rate for losing a channel they give out "free" rabbit ears. I wonder how many calls they will get to tech support asking how to install rabbit ears lol

realneil one year ago

Digital HD broadcasts are usually a better signal than Cable is. (no signal compression involved)

I get a lot of over the air HD stations here. They look great and they're free to watch.

sevags one year ago

That's a good point Neil. What happens when some of those customers realize the rabbit ears they just received can not only get CBS BUT many other local channels, some of which might not even be offered by TWC, and for some in better quality than TWC. Some might question why they need cable when they have local HD and say a Netflix account.

CJWilson one year ago

I hate to break this to you but the Over The Air signals ARE compressed (MPEG-2 to be exact)... They are re- compressed when they get to a Cable or Satellite TV facility ? Yes they are. And to some extent you have to account for acquisition; Over the Air for the back-up feed and possibly a fiber drop straight from the Station itself ( which may or may not be compressed itself. While I do agree with you that OTA signals can in many ways look better ( if you can get a good signal lock).

realneil one year ago

I must get really good signal lock at my house. All most of the stations I get are extraordinary looking.

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