Samsung Unveils World’s First 3D V-NAND SATA SSD at 960GB

Sadly, we're still waiting for SSDs to completely replace HDDs in the mainstream, but Samsung's unleashing a new solid state drive into the enterprise that'll have even average consumers drooling. The company has launched what it says is the world's first 3D V-NAND based SSD for enterprise applications. Samsung's V-NAND SSD comes in 960GB and 480GB versions, with the larger boasting the highest level of performance, offering more than 20 percent increase in sequential and random write speeds by utilizing 64 dies of MLC 3D V-NAND flash, each offering 128 gigabits (Gb) of storage, with a six-gigabit-per-second SATA interface controller. The new V-NAND SSD also offers 35K program erase cycles and is available in a 2.5 inch form factor with x, y and z-heights of 10cm, 7cm and 7mm, which provides server manufacturers with more design flexibility and scalability.

While these may be the first, this won't be the last you'll hear from Samsung's V-NAND SSD tech. We're guessing that once pricing comes down a bit, enthusiast consumer / prosumer models will be revealed. In fact, Samsung isn't revealing pricing for these enterprise drives, which likely means they're far too expensive for all but the most flush outfits.
Via:  Marketwatch
Sevags one year ago

I am putting this on my Christmas wishlist to be a part of the HotHardware Christmas giveaway. That way all of us here might have a chance at one of these!!!

realneil one year ago

I like the way you think! This would make for a great giveaway!

TomHeckman one year ago

3D probably means mutiple SSD's jammed into one SSD... awesome... whats the price of this bad boy ?

Sevags one year ago

Tom; you are both incorrect and correct... This isn't simply 2 SSD's glued together like some others that have come before no this drive is FAR more special and there hasn't been one like it before, 3D refers to the lithography of the memory itself the chips aren't printed in 2D but are 3D, think of memory stacked i top of one another or as a cube. This isn't just supposed to help with attaining larger capacities but should also come with a speed boost, more efficient energy consumption, which should also mean lower thermals.

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