Rosewill Throne Full Tower and Helios RK-9200 Dual-LED Mechanical KB From CES

Over the last few years, Rosewill has significantly expanded their product offerings. The company used to offer only a few PC-related accessories and cases, but now have everything from high-end power supplies to dedicated RAID enclosures in their product stack, with just about anything else you could imagine in-between.

While gallivanting around CES, we had a quick meeting with the folks at Rosewill, just as they began setting up their suite. There weren’t many any new announcements, but we got to see the new Helios RK-9200 dual-LED mechanical keyboard first-hand along with the recently announced Throne full tower, in both white and black.

Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Mechanical Keyboard With Dual Backlights

The Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Dual-LED Mechanical Keyboard

Like Rosewill’s previous mechanical keyboards, the Helios RK-9200 features Chery MX key switches, but underneath each key are two LEDs, one green and one red. The backlighting for the WASD and arrow key clusters can be altered independently of all of the other keys, or they can be set to match as well. The lighting has three brightness levels (not including off), and a fourth mode—dubbed “breathe” mode--that slowly pulsates the backlight illumination. The Windows key can also be disabled should the user so choose. We should also point out that the backlight settings can be changed without any software. Simple function key combos handle everything.

Inside Of Throne Computer Chassis

The Rosewill Throne Full Tower and RAID Enclosures

We also saw a couple of Rosewill’s external RAID enclosures and the new Throne full-tower, including a fully built, three-way SLI-powered rig, featuring Rosewill’s flagship Hercules 1600W PSU. The new Throne full-tower features a reversible door on its face, top-mounted USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, a built-in lighting/fan controller, a built-in hard-drive dock (both 2.5” and 3.5” compatible), and a host of other enthusiast-class features.

As you can see in the full build, the case offers plenty of room for high-end hardware and the lighting from the LED fans is a nice compliment (the white case has blue LEDs, the black case red).

Final pricing wasn’t available just yet, but will be known in the coming weeks as the case is set to go on sale next month.

3vi1 one year ago

1600W? 1600W?? Great Scott!

Marco C one year ago

Yeah, that's a big boy.

Sevags one year ago

The Rosewill mechanical keyboards are definitely my fav out of CES. To the point that I seriously want one. I HAVE to find a way to physically test all 4 versions of cherry switches since I have no idea the differences based on just description. I'm assuming eithr cherry brown or cherry red switches are for me but I won't know until I try em.

Funny it will also be the first Rosewill product that I ever buy.

realneil one year ago

[quote user="sevags"]it will also be the first Rosewill product that I ever buy[/quote]

I have their Blackhawk Ultra Super Tower and a Hive 750W Semi-Modular PSU.

Got the PSU a few months ago and it seems to be fine.

The Case is stellar. I love everything about it.

I also have a Rosewill external eSATA enclosure that's a few years old.

It's good too.

rapid1 one year ago

Yeah; I am going to get one of these keyboards soon, but I am thinking brown Cherry keys myself. I am totally deaf in one ear and 70% in the other so my hearing is not so great. Therefore the key noise does not mean as much to me but the touch feedback does. From what I understand about the brown switches is they do not sound a whole lot different from a standard keyboard but still have the half press tactile pop.I might even consider one of these Throne cases they look very well done to me.

OSunday one year ago

Something about all white cases always looks so fresh, and the fact the Throne looks so tall makes it look elegant and reminiscent of long legged super models lol

Sevags one year ago

Realneil; I know the brand has come a long way to where I'm drooling over that keyboard. Back when I was pretty much building myself a new system every 4 months the only time I would see Rosewill products were as low cost midrange and lower videocards definitely not a product I was interested in and were never ever featured in any reviews online. They have not only managed to stick around but they've greatly expanded their portfolio while upping the quality to enthusiast grade peripherals.

I just have to figure out which switches are for me.

realneil one year ago

[quote user="sevags"]Rosewill products were as low cost midrange and lower videocards definitely not a product I was interested in[/quote]

Same here,.....years ago. They have come a long way over the years.

My K90 Corsair keyboard has the Cherry MX-Red Switches. It's easy to hear myself typing with it and the operation is smooth. I'm thinking about getting a Rosewill with Brown switches for another PC I have here.

dorkstar one year ago

Is it just my eyes, or is that a mini usb cable plugged into the back of the keyboard?

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