PlayStation 4 Teardown Shows Sony Isn't Afraid To Bare All

The upcoming console generation has proven itself to be quite different than those of past. One of the major changes, of course, is the move to the x86 platform both on the Microsoft and Sony side, and how this will affect things down the road (think: security) will be interesting to watch play out.

Here's another major difference: A vendor that does a teardown of their own console before launch. This is something we would have never seen with the previous generations - yet, Sony has gone ahead and torn down a perfectly good PlayStation 4 to help us understand its efficient design better. Behold: All of the parts laid on the table.

Credit: Wired

Another major difference between this next-gen and consoles of the past is ultra-sleek designs. The PS4 box is thin, about as thin as a box that an Ultrabook notebook would ship in. To build a console that's to be reliable, and offer ample performance, Sony had to be very creative about the console's design, and clearly, it's pleased with its work.

Like the PS3, the PS4 has its power adapter built right into the console, so there'll be no need to have a massive brick hogging up room on the floor (I still cringe when thinking of the original Xbox 360 power brick). Past that, the PS4 also packs in DVD/Blu-ray support, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless - overall, it's a robust featureset.

Credit: Wired

I can't help but wonder if Microsoft will come forth with a teardown of its own, given Sony's lead. Admittedly, a teardown isn't important, but they sure are appreciated.

Via:  Wired
TemitopeBewaji one year ago

what's with all the hate towards power bricks? Seems the more sensible option.

Sevags one year ago

I don't mean to be anti ps4 with this question... But am I the only one who finds the angular ps4 unattractive? Inside is laid out nicely though

Dave_HH one year ago

I like the design personally. It's looks a heck of a lot leaner than Xbox One.

marco c one year ago

Wired had an Xbox One semi-teardown months ago:

JoshuaFox one year ago

That's really all you could come up with to say?

TButtons one year ago


TButtons one year ago

Well if you build the PSU into the device then you can have a higher watt PSU and cool it with fans and no one will complain. You can't do that with the brick.

TemitopeBewaji one year ago

if it needs the power I guess, but an external component that can be replaced without sending in the whole system seems logical.

JohnVoyles one year ago

they may not be afraid but I sure as hell am .where does the heat go?

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