Conan O'Brien Rips on Google Glass

As Conan O'Brien so frequently does, he's selected yet another new technology to poke fun of on his late-night comedy show. The latest victim? None other than Google's Glass. While the product has been inching its way from developer to mainstream, most recently in a spiffy new commercial that shows off some of its features, it seems that Google has yet another product that may be far closer to becoming a hit. Or, a sit.

According to Conan's latest parody, "Google Ass" is a product that you "stick on your butt" in order to record anything and everything that happens directly underneath or behind you. Yeah, it's just a gag, but it's a pretty good one. Nothing wrong with poking a little fun at the goofy giant, right? Watch and enjoy.

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3vi1 one year ago

Is it really 'ripping' when you don't say anything negative and just show a different product?

Dave_HH one year ago

Don't be such a killjoy. :P That was my headline and yeah, Conan "ripped" a good one. HA!

3vi1 one year ago

lol.. well, never let it be said I was a killjoy. :)

Super Dave one year ago

I would be interested in using Google Glass on my daily motorcycle commute as there are plenty of dumb-ass drivers that I'd like to video. It might even actually help me in court some day!

realneil one year ago

Dave, you deserve a medal for using a MC daily in SoCal.

Super Dave one year ago

Big Smile I love to ride, and I even have motorcycle dreams! 44 MPG and unlimited carpool lane privileges help, too. I would really be interested in those glasses, but they're waay too expensive. I don't understand how they can justify that price when it seems there is nothing to them!

rrplay one year ago

Would really like to hear what Triumph would have to say about the Google Gl-Asses !

CDavis1 one year ago

Conan O'Brien is an idiot and not funny at all.

realneil one year ago


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