Google Glass Will Be Available for Consumers by End of 2013, Will Cost Under $1,500

Why, it seems like only yesterday we were posting about the new Google Glass website and its beta-ish program for excited souls who wanted to test out the $1,500 specs themselves. Actually, it was two days ago, but there’s already more information available: according to The Verge and CNET, Google plans to offer Glass at retail stores by year's’ end, and they’ll cost less than the $1,500 price tag we’ve seen attached to them so far. (How far under $1,500 is anyone’s guess; if it turns out to be $1,499.99, we’ll be annoyed.)

Considering the recent news that Google is planning to open its own retail locations, one can infer that one of the premier products on those shelves will be Glass. (In fact, for a software and services company, Google has an impressive spate of hardware, including the Nexus phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and now Glass.)

Google Glass

Glass prototypes and associated videos are starting to proliferate, so we’re getting a sense of what the POV experience will be like, and it’s fair to see this as a major evolution in day-to-day computing. Yes, the specs are sort of silly looking and can currently only do so much, but remember that these are prototypes. The finished product that we’ll apparently get to fondle by the end of the year will be more refined both in terms of looks and features--and that’s just the first generation of Glass.

Remember, the iPhone first exploded onto the mobile market less than 6 years ago, but the original iPhone seems downright adorable compared to the iPhone 5; imagine what Google Glass will look like in 6 years, and what it will offer. This will be a landmark product.

Google Glass view

There’s another landmark with Glass that’s worth noting, and again there’s a parallel with the iPhone: like Apple near the middle of the last decade, Google believes that people will be willing to pay an unprecedented amount of money for this hot new technology. Thanks to the iPhone, it no longer seems insane to pay $400 or $500 for a top of the line smartphone (even granting most people get deep discounts with mobile service contracts); will people be willing to pay three times that for Glass? The answer is: Most likely. In any case, we’ll find out within months.
Dave_HH one year ago

This is definitely just a shadow of things to come. Computing will be more integrated in the future. Don't think of a product like Glass as additive but a replacement. Eventually, anyway, sort of like how smartphone cameras are eating into some piece of the digital imaging space little by little. Products like this will eat into smartphones etc. It's evolution and it's very interesting to see it happening so quickly these days.

RWilliams one year ago

I am glad someone's stoked about it... the level of appeal to me is zilch. I think most of us are TOO connected all of the time, and this will just make things worse. Living surrounded my tech all of the time doesn't bode do well for the mental system. We'll end up relying on everything so much that once we're without it, we'll be lost.

Dave_HH one year ago

That's the point, Rob. The intent with products like these are to integrate more, so the hardware isn't in the way as much and it's there when you need it, not when you don't.

RWilliams one year ago

I'll need to read more into all of what Glass is about before I comment further. I just shudder at the thought of a future where we all walk around like robots.

Dave_HH one year ago

And you call yourself a geek... ffft! ;-)

realneil one year ago

I can see someone getting mugged for their 1500 dollar face bling. It's already happening to iPhone owners.

rrplay one year ago

[quote user="realneil"]

I can see someone getting mugged for their 1500 dollar face bling. It's already happening to iPhone owners.


As innovative as they seem, really do not see  too many commuters in Chicago wearing them unless they too are armed.   >>btw   nice to see you got yourself an Apple product .



detnight one year ago

The price would be my breaking point. And if you see the person next toyou in traffic wearing a pair, slow down and let him get in front of you.

Dave_HH one year ago

Yes, they definitely have to get cost down, which shouldn't be a problem I would think considering the base hardware specs. It must have cellular data and GPS connectivity, so those as well as the display are the primary cost components.

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