InFocus BigTouch Is A 55" Windows 8 PC That Costs $5,000

Here's a question: does the world need a giant Windows 8 PC? Something tells us the answer must be "yes," and that something is the InFocus BigTouch. It's a giant 55" all-in-one Windows PC, built for huge conference rooms, educational spaces, and working event spaces. Or, the home office of someone who firmly believes that bigger is truly better. It's a massive machine -- large enough to double as a suitable HDTV in most cases, with an internal PC that boasts six USB sockets, two HDMI ports, two Ethernet jacks, a Core i5 processor, and a display resolution of 1920x1080.

There's also a 120GB solid state drive, plenty of cooling, a touch layer, built-in wireless, and a borderline-crazy $5,000 price tag. Who would pay that? Corporate IT managers that need a snazzy way to impress clients.
Via:  Bloomberg
ZackTemple one year ago

Ripoff lol

ZackTemple one year ago

55 inch TVs are cheap and you can build a very small pc to run windows 8 on that very easy lol

ZackTemple one year ago

Save about 3000 lol

sevags one year ago

but it wouldn't be touch... I don't think it's too over priced given that one feature on a 55" display.

At this price I would expect it to be an above average display.

iamwarpath one year ago

It would have been better to just make it touch screen only. My PC has better specs.

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