Sprint bringing WiMAX to Chicago and Washington, DC

Sprint has just announced its WiMAX build-out schedule for 2007, and initial service is set to be provided to Chicago and Washington, DC. These are test markets for Sprint, which hopes to roll out the high-speed technology to 100 million people by the end of 2008.

The company will drop more than $800 million on WiMAX upgrades this year, and nearly $2 billion next year, to build what Sprint refers to as its "4G" network. WiMAX promises higher speeds and better coverage than existing wireless data networks based on EV-DO or EDGE technology, and Sprint wants to ensure that it is a leading provider of wireless, high-speed access.

Read more here (if you live in Chicago or D.C.)...

Read more here (if you live in Chicago or D.C.)...

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