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Dell's Streak 7 tablet is the highly anticipated big brother of Dell's 5-inch tablet, the Streak 5 that came out in September of 2010.  The larger Streak 7 goes up against stiff competition with the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Tab,  though the Streak 7 is retailing slightly lower in the $449 price range without a contract and through T-Mobile on contract for a very competitive $199.99.  Regardless, the Streak 7 offers some pluses over the Galaxy Tab, like its 5MP rear-facing camera, but also comes up short in other areas such as its lower resolution display, with an 800x480 native resolution versus the Galaxy Tab's 1024x600 display. 

The Dell Streak 7 also has NVIDIA's Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor under its hood for a rather snappy Android 2.2 experience while we wait hopefully on Dell's migration to Honeycomb.  We're planning on putting together a full, detailed review for you in the days ahead but thought you'd enjoy this early sneak peek of the new Dell Streak 7.

In early benchmark testing, the Streak 7 is looking pretty strong.  Not shown here is the Galaxy Tab which comes in neck-and-neck with the Streak 7 in Neocore, at around 54 FPS. Overall fillrate is slightly higher in An3Dbench for the Galaxy Tab, however, again in very early testing. 

Dell Streak 7 Tablet
Specifications & Features
Operating System   
    * Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) with Over the Air Upgrade Capability

    * nVidia Tegra T20 – Dual Core @ 1 GHz

    * T-Mobile: HSPA + @ 2100/1900/AWS/850

    * 7” WVGA 800x480 Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen with Corning Gorilla Glass

    * Front: 1.3MP Fixed Focus
      Rear: 5MP Auto Focus with Flash

    * 16GB of Internal Storage with support for up to 32GB additional storage using the user accessible SD, MMC, SDHC memory card slot


    * Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    *  Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

    * 199.9 x 119.8 x 12.4 mm

Advertised System Weight
    * 450 g

Primary Battery
    * 2780 mAh

And surprisingly, in our suburban area T-Mobile's 4G network was offering 4 - 5 bars of signal strength, with relatively impressive throughput.  Stick around as we'll get into great detail with the Dell Streak 7 in the coming weeks!

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coolice 3 years ago


I dont want to suck up, but i think, in terms of all general video reviews... this one was bang on in my books!!

I really liked the part where you showed the difference between the viewing angles... which i'm surprised, theres HUGE difference between the 5 and 7. I was honestly thinking... man, why is the 7 so much dimmer... and then you tilted it towards the camera. 

Also... Wow, the UI for something thats built onto vanilla froyo, it looks great and it feels responsive. After using htc sense on my dream, and then motoblur on my milestone... it tends to get laggy sometimes (but i cant compare a phone to a tegra powered device). so i'm glad u actually showed the UI in depth, more specifically, the Dell layer.  Though, i'm assuming  that this device is going to be totally different once it updates to honeycomb. 

I'm also glad you showed the game... puts that little tegra to the test. I mean, sure i've seen other videos that prove how nice this new chipset is... but this video, in its clarity was perfect... i could see the instaneous changes while you tilted the device left to right. 

I like the smaller tablets... i'm really liking these 7inch tablets... they feel like the right size. The 10inch screens feel a bit too large. but 7inches seems perfect.

At the same time, I'm hoping you guys will get the XOOM to review.... motorola's raving about that device, and after seeing those videos all over youtube, it looks like a pretty nifty device. I'd like to see how that stacks up against the Streak 7. 

I cant believe i'm saying that... perhaps its the 2am blues... but I'm looking at the sub-sized tablets (more than 5 less than 10 inches) as something i can use more than an e-reader.... its growing on me slowly!


Good review!! in fact, great review... i'm no expert, but everything u said was exactly what i needed to hear... sometimes when you watch other reviews... people start giving their own opinions right in the beginning vs talking about the actual item... which is something i dont always like to listen to... then reviews become highly biased... i want to know what the device is capable of, not what the reviewer thinks about it.. those can come in the conclusion. 


Cheers! from my freezing igloo of a room. 

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Heya Ice,

Thanks for the kinds words, bud. The reality is, this was just a "preview" actually, just to get an early jump on showing the device to you folks. We just got it in earlier this week. Now it's off to one of our other Tech Writers for a full work-up. We'll drop this video into the full review and it will have benchmarks, possibly a light tear-down, the works!

I personally like 10-inch slates better myself but there are a ton of folks like you that prefer 7s. I think there is a place for both in the market and so do the manufacturers obviously.

And yeah, we're all OVER the Xoom. That thing looks <HOT> !

InfinityzeN1 3 years ago

I can't wait till you throw up the full review Dave.  I'm not that interested in the XOOM after all the priceing info that has come out.  If I every got a tablet it would be this size, since I already have a very light 10" nettop that gets the mobile work done fine.

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