iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Exceed Supply, What Now?

The media coverage surrounding Apple iPhone 4 pre-order inventory levels has been almost as crazed as, well, the whole pre-order frenzy. Not unpredictable for a new Apple product release -- and particularly a new iPhone design -- it didn't take long for the Cupertino company to exhaust its supply of devices for day-of-release shipments. So does that mean you'll have time to grow a Fu-Manchu mustache before being able to get your hands on Apple's highly anticipated next-gen iPhone?

That really depends on how quickly your hair grows, but lest you mix a concoction of Rogaine, Chia Pet, and Miracle Grow and rub it all over your upper lip (we're positive this would be a bad idea, so please don't attempt it), things aren't as bad as some are making them out to be.

It's true that both AT&T and Apple have depleted their pre-order allotment, but according to Apple's website, new orders for both the 16GB and 32GB models will ship by July 2nd. That's a week and one day longer than the original ship date, which was previously listed as June 24.

That's the situation right now, anyway, and if you continue to remain firmly seated on the fence, it's entirely possible that the ship date will get pushed back once again for new pre-orders. Until that happens -- if it even does -- you can put the panic button away, everyone who wants an iPhone 4 is likely to get one within the next few weeks.
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animatortom 4 years ago

Probably because China is pushing their workers past the brink to produce double so they can sell to other countries to make themselves look good. Then telling the U.S., workers are overworked and producing as fast as they can without jumping off the roof.

So here's a better idea....Stop leaving them in bars, and go make more!

I am sure if you open some factories in the south they would be cranked out:P

AKwyn 4 years ago

Not surprising really. All of the iPhones Apple has ever sold sell out pretty fast when they offer preorders.

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