eBay Now Rivals Amazon's Same-Day Shipping, Keeps Major Retailers Looped In

Remember when eBay was an auction site? Those were the days. Nowadays, eBay is a full-on storefront, keeping that auction setting at the core but building a vast network of other opportunities around it. There's Buy-It-Now, for starters, and there are a variety of opportunity to sell goods on eBay without going through the typical auction process. We suppose it makes sense for a site to branch out and explore other revenue opportunities, but to say eBay has maintained its small size while growing in scope would be a stretch. That said, the site is still churning out new ideas, and the latest one is probably one of its brightest.

Just weeks after Amazon was said to be taking same-day shipping to many more places than the handful of metro areas that it operates in now, eBay is reportedly sending beta invites to users in San Francisco asking them to try out eBay Now. It's an iOS app for now, offering SF citizens $5 same-day shipping on products from local stores. The idea isn't entirely fresh, but bolting this on to eBay's massive userbase could help it to reach critical mass far more quickly than startups trying to build a userbase and accomplish the same thing. Currently, you'll need to spend over $25 to take advantage, but beta users will get $15 off of their first eBay Now order in addition to free shipping on the first three orders.

It works every day of the week, but you'll need to order at least a half-hour before the associated store closes for the day. Partners, for now, include Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Best Buy, Macy's and Toys R Us. We suspect that this won't be the last we hear of such things. Retail stores are scared out of their wits by the idea of Amazon wrecking their business model. To them, giving up foot traffic is a small price to pay so long as people use same-day shipping via their own store instead of through Amazon. In other words, any business is better than no business.

Now, what happens if you place and order, pony up the extra $5 and it doesn't arrive on the same day? We're still waiting to hear about the refund situation...
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MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Retail locations arent going anywhere. Too many people with too many questions that are ready to buy now. Ordering elsewhere and waiting on delivery takes more time. On top of that, it doe make returns a bit tedious, something a lot of people hate (me included). Theres a reason I pay more to shop locally. An hour long trip is better than a few weeks. People will pay for convenience. Maybe this will survive for a little while and it is a great option for certain products, but it will not kill retail. People in management are so far removed from retail that they do not understand this.

shadizzle 2 years ago

I second that one Mayhem,

Online retailers cannot replace that convenience that a major retailer presents. Shipping and time aside, how many times have you walked into a major retailer to take a look at a product you were interested in...Until you went up to the display model, tinkered around for a few min to find its not at all what you thought. Or maybe its built real cheap. Either way, both of those are two MAJOR (in my eyes) sell points and are what keeps people like myself coming in.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Since I cannot edit... and people who are super knowledgeable about the thing they are buying (like me) forget how little other people know. People like my mum who goes to my favourite pc store and come back with a desktop that works, suits her needs and did not surpass them. I know a lot of people hate sales because there are those out there that ill oversell to get their commission. Luckily people like me are becoming more common. I find being honest and helping people solve their problems even if that means they are buying nothing creates a consistent customer base. I deal with roughly 50 people a day, at least 5 of those will be people that have bought from me before. Before I started working retail I thought it was dying, but some things need hands on time and convenience wins out on price... considering how aggressive Memory Express now price matches, why even bother with online other than those few items that exist nowhere else?

rapid1 2 years ago

The same day shipping confuses me really. I do not mean I don't get the attraction. I do not see how unless the order is placed prior to or at least by noon it is even possible really unless the site (Amazon and Ebay) employ there own in house delivery personnel. I say this because while internet orders will at least hit shipping point in a day if you order it early enough they don't if not, and this says specifically before a certain number of hours prior to closing. UPS and Fedex are not going to be able to pick up an order at 3 PM, process it, get it to the specific out truck for an area, and deliver it same day.

I have a customer waiting on 2 LED's that arrived in our city Friday and he though he would get them because they arrived just before noon at the out location for UPS. I sadly had to tell him that he will not receive them until mid to later today. He will probably be at work and miss the shipment as well if the delivery is anything like it is at my location. I never get a UPS shipment prior to 2PM and usually get the between 4-6. I also generally have at least 1 or 2 shipments on both UPS and Fedex weekly so I know how they work in general.

SO next day I could see relatively easily if the order is received prior to closing but same day will work if UPS/FEDEX got some star trek teleporters maybe but other than that I don't see it.

insidesin 2 years ago

As well, people such as my parents are incredibly paranoid about giving out their credit card number online to anybody. Even if I try to explain to them that the green HTTPS logo means it is a pretty secure transaction they will not go through with it unless they buy a Visa gift card to use online.

As for me, I like to shop around whether that be online or in-store. I'll take the best deal from either as long as they are reputable.

karanm 2 years ago

I work in retail and totally agree with MayhemMatthew and Shadizzle, a lot of my customers are contractors (I work in a hardware store) and these guys can generally spot bull#### from a mile away. Not a day goes by where I have to help them solve a problem or find a product either in my store, at another location or at a competitors. However this is all for products that people need to touch and feel before making the decision to buy. Like clothes and electronics and even some computer parts (like a monitor or keyboard/mouse, IMO going to a brick and mortar store and asking some kid which mobo or graphics card to buy is waste of time. You might get lucky and meet someone who knows what they are talking about but I trust proper review sites like HH to help me make my decision and then I search online for deals). I also have an online business for products and have customers who love the convenience of shopping online for household products. Again these are products where one needs to use in order to compare the benefits to other brands, this kind of shopping doesn't necessarily need a physical retail location thus making them ideal for online shopping. For example if you do a load of laundry every weekend and know that the box of laundry detergent will last you lets say 2 months, wouldn't it be easier if every two months there was a box of laundry detergent delivered to your door. It eliminates you having to go to the store (sometimes just for the detergent because you ran out and need that Hello Kitty t-shirt to go out lol). Physical retail stores make billions of dollars every year, look at walmart for example. They have more sales in a year than the GDP of some countries, but it took them almost a decade to make their first million $ in profit while amazon was able to do it in a year or two. All major retailers also have excellent websites where you can checkout the products they carry, read reviews on specific products and check which stores currently have that product in stock. Why would they do this if people don't like shopping online??

Sorry for the longish reply :s but I was trying to make a point.

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