Zeal Optics Embeds HD Camera Into iON Ski Goggles

Hitting the slopes soon? Taking your goggles? We'll bet they aren't as great as these. Zeal Optics has announced their new iON Goggles with HD video and phone capabilities. These ski goggles actually have an HD camera embedded in them in order to capture videos and photos while standing still or on the move. iON by Zeal Optics was born out of the desire by the company to create lifestyle products that seamlessly incorporates innovative technology to redefine how people experience the outdoors and share their memories.

"We've arrived at Outdoor Retailer this year with the most diverse goggle portfolio on the market that takes full advantage of technology," said Joe Prebich, director of marketing at Zeal Optics. "The addition of HD video and photo built into an incredible goggle like iON is a perfect new offering for the market. We know that iON is going to change the way you see the mountain because we blend the way you ride with the way you live."

The new iON is equipped with a 1080p True HD video camera that captures real-time video and sound. The camera also snaps 8-megapixel photos. It operates without removing your gloves by using buttons located on the side of the goggles. iON uses a high-quality camera with a sophisticated, 170-degree wide angle lens that captures images in the wide periphery. The camera automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus. It uses an in-goggle viewfinder and on-camera controls. iON runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a six-hour run time, depending on video and camera usage. iON comes with software that allows users to adjust all settings in the camera and after downloading their video and images from their goggles to their PC and Mac computers via a mini-USB connection. The goggles also have a micro-SD card that can be popped into computers or televisions. Images and video can be shared through all social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, or riders can become a member of Zeal's online community to share their shots.

iON's frame offers wide fields of view in a mid-to-large, rimless frame that can withstand extreme temperatures. Zeal Optics' new OPTIMUM™ lens is handcrafted for superior optical clarity. It has anti-fog, high-density, impact-resistant properties that improve performance. The polarized lens provides 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays that can damage eyes. Metal mirroring provides additional protection from the sun. iON will be offered in two colors: Matte Night Black and Moss Green.

These guys are priced at $399, but remember, there's an HD camera embedded into your next ski goggles. Sold, aren't you?
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cowboyspace 2 years ago

Dang that is cool people won't even notice that those ski goggles have an embedded HD camera,i didn't notice when i first saw the picture until i started reading.For those who like to ski here is what you were looking for.

darren johnson 2 years ago

Heads up people! These guys are way behind in the technology race. Liquid Image came out with this years ago and recently unveiled their newest Snow Goggles at CES. The 'APEX' and its predecessor, the “SUMMIT” has a 1080p and 720p video camera built it, plus it takes 12 MP still photos. The ‘APEX’ is wireless and GPS enabled, comes with a 4 GB Micro SD Card and is expandable to 32 MB. The ‘SUMMIT’ is priced at only $249.99 and far exceeds the ion’s technology…………..and it’s already on the market! By the time the ion is ready [with its little 8 mp camera] in 2013, The APEX [with a 12 MP Camera, WIRELESS, GPS, 1080p video and 720p at 60fps] will already be in the stores and on line for the same price – Better Technology for less? You better believe it! Check it out at www.LiquidImageCo.com Plus, there is a rumor that Liquid Image will release a video goggle later this year with a heads up display! The ion is clearly a poorly executed knock-off.

AKnudson 2 years ago

some say this is not really that cool, Shaun White says otherwise.

Jon S 2 years ago

I've never been a fan of the helmet camera craze so this is pretty intriguing. I just can't take anyone seriously when a camera is hanging out there off their head. My buddies and I have been talking about this for a while and no one is surprised it's coming from Zeal.

RSanchez 2 years ago



realneil 2 years ago

I like the GoPro Hero-2 and Hero-3 cameras.

Check this movie out. It's a world record Pike's Peak run,.................it's very intense.

All of it was recorded on GoPro Hero-2 cameras.

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