Windows 7 Release Date Update Updated

When we recently updated you on the release date for Vista’s successor, currently known as 7, we were a bit skeptical that the ‘slip’ Mr. Gates made was concerning a retail or RTM version.

"It seems that Microsoft is getting the word out that Mr. Gates was indeed referring to some sort of pre-release beta program: “Microsoft wants to chill everyone out with the somber news that its got no plans to introduce Windows 7 any earlier than January 2010 (three years from the launch of Vista)...”

Considering how many times this release date has changed, we don’t expect this to be the final word on the subject.
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

 After Vista's delays, I would expect later rather than sooner.  January 2010 would be too quick imo.  It would be a Vista-like disaster all over again.

smokebytheacre420 6 years ago

Release date should be pushed back to at least 2012 I'd say later, Microsoft needs to take thier time and work all the bugs out.

Softix 6 years ago

 Look how bad vista is in my opion . I still use Xp. They should take their time with 7 and hopfully everything i mean everything from xp can transfer over and run with ease instead of making program have to be converted to work properly

Laggerzero 6 years ago

Microsoft is trying to get back to a 3 year release cycle on windows. Remember, SP2 features in XP were originaly going to be Vista only but security plagues forced a rollback of features to xp. Thus sp2 was born which should have been the "next version" of windows. If microsoft keeps OS releases to 6 years the market will get to "comfortable" with the current version slowing development of everything.

take a look at this article about the final sp of xp:

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