Vivaldi KDE Linux Tablet Reaches QA Status To Ship Soon

What's the world coming to? First, there's a $32 million crowdfunding operation in order to craft a smartphone based on Ubuntu Linux, and now, a KDE tablet looks to be shipping to a team of quality assurance engineers. While it's probably too early to declare Linux as an up-and-coming operating system for the mainstream, it's certainly good to see the open source OS getting a lot of love from the two sectors that are most important in the post-PC universe: phones and tablets.

Aaron Seigo, a KDE developer, has stated on his Google+ page that the Vivaldi KDE tablet has reached a point where units are being tested in QA labs. To quote: "A great start to the week with a warm, sunny, quiet Monday. Well, almost quiet. The first Vivaldi tablets, new dual-core engineering boards and the custom EOMA68 developer workbenches we commissioned have all been shipped out. Don't get too excited: the tablets are pre-certification (EC/FCC) and are on their way to us so we can verify the Q/A targets we set out."

Vivaldi has seen a few delays already, which is fairly common for bootstrapped operations, and even mainstream ones -- the white iPhone, for example, was held up for many months. For those holding out hope for a new KDE tablet, perhaps the wait isn't long now.
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MayhemMatthew one year ago

But Android is Linux based already, what is the point? Linux is all keyboard power. I just don't get it.

ajm531 one year ago

Thats just it. Android is linux based not full linux. Im not linux or server expert but theres a ton more you can with coding and managing servers on an actual build of linux as opposed to android. And its actually a desktop os unlike android which is purely mobile at the time being.

DanielKettle one year ago

Linux is not about keyboard power. How a user handles a keyboard can apply to any OS, there are some great Windows keyboard users.

Linux isn't just a desktop OS, you can also get full Linux on embedded systems.

The point is that Linux is so customizable, that Android uses it for Java applications, whereas Vivaldi focuses on KDE: a completely different user interface from android with different tweaks, theming, and applications. There is a lot of cool stuff that KDE has and Android doesn't. A lot of good applications I use on my laptop that I would love to have mobile versions of. A lot of applications won't have to be completely re-written this way.

Even if your OS is Linux, that doesn't imply you will be writing code or managing servers either. OS's like Linux Mint and Ubuntu are very touch and mouse friendly for everyone.

Competition is great in the mobile marketplace. Why only have two major players? I'd much prefer this tablet than an android or ipad.

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