ViewSonic's MovieBook VPD400 Does Media Right For $130

When you think of ViewSonic, you probably think of LCD monitors. Believe it or not, this company is actually pretty diverse, and its easily-recognized monitor division is just one of the many aspects where it  to the larger realm of consumer electronics. Take the VPD400 for example, which is a rather robest media player that actually looks a lot like something a top-label company like Apple would create.

The MovieBook VPD400 describes itself as the next generation of the ultimate, all-in-one portable entertainment experience, and while we kind of doubt it'll take the place of the iPod, the 4.3" display and high-res 800x480 display may get some attention from the anti-Apple crowd. It'll also play a wide range of multitmedia formats, hold 8GB of media on the internal storage space, and even provide extra space courtesy of a microSD slot.

It's available now for just $129.99, so yeah, the price is definitely right!

  • The choice is yours – watch HD movies, listen to music, view photo albums, read digital books or even record voice memos
  • Stylish and ultra thin, this pocket-sized device will keep you entertained, anywhere
  • 4.3" super crisp, larger screen format with HD 720p, provides optimum viewing to share videos and movies with friends
  • Simply hook up the MovieBook VPD400 to any PC or TV for full sized entertainment at home
  • Wide range of video, photo and audio format compatibilities

Via:  ViewSonic
gibbersome 5 years ago

I wonder what kind of formats this plays? Might make a good Xmas gift.

3vi1 5 years ago

If only a forum user would post a tutorial on how to rip DVD and convert them to a format it could play.

Please give me a 3 minute lead to start running.

gibbersome 5 years ago

Okay, smartypants, point well taken.

recoveringknowitall 5 years ago


Those are some nice media players for the price... I'd easily consider getting 1!

ClemSnide 5 years ago

As would I, and I'm not even in the "anti-Apple" contingent. Just platform-neutral and looking for a balance of quality and value.

I have had good customer service and tech support from LG, and the best CRT I ever had was one of theirs, so they've earned my trust. I'll be looking into this puppy! Hmm, wonder if it does eBooks?

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