Verizon's iPhone 5 Is Unlocked From The Factory

Not interested in standing in long lines? Still trying to make up your mind on the iPhone 5? If so, here's a bit of information that may sway you when it comes to selecting a carrier. As fate would have it, or something like that, Verizon Wireless' iPhone 5 has a secret: it's unlocked from the factory. That means that even those who buy one with a new or renewed two-year contract will get an iPhone 5 that's unlocked. And because of the LTE radio, there's space for a SIM card -- well, a nano-SIM card.

Sprint and AT&T only sell locked iPhone 5 units, which means those cannot be used on other carriers. But the VZW model will accept any other nano-SIM from any other carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile USA right here in the States, as well as nano-SIMs from international carriers when you travel. It obviously makes Verizon's version way more flexible, particularly for those who leave the country often. There's a video below showcasing the discovery.

Via:  iDownloadBlog
thunderdan602 2 years ago

These new iPhones and all the sweet android phones and upcoming windows phone make choosing a new smart phone fun and informative.

digitaldd 2 years ago

I recall reading somewhere that if you use a nano-sim or successfully cut up a micro-sim with an exacto-knife and use it in a Verizon iPhone 5 you lose LTE capabilities. 

AdamDaieh one year ago

It a bit pricey for me to get an unlock phone from verizon, so what I did is I bought a lock phone and then have it unlock at I was able to save so much more by doing this.

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