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Valve May Be Cooking Up New Content On Android Steam

Valve May Be Cooking Up New Content On Android Steam

If some new tweaks to the Android Steam Mobile app are any indication, Valve may be headed towards selling non-gaming apps via Android. That's speculation at the moment, as Valve hasn't provided any details that might explain why categories such as Accounting and Audio Production recently popped up. Given that the categories aren't appearing in Steam for the PC and iPhone, it's safe to guess that we might be seeing an app store that could contend with the likes of Google Play and Amazon's Appstore For Android.

New Categories In Steam For Android

These categories in the Android Steam Mobile app are new. They're also empty, for now.

To check it out for yourself, open the Steam app on your Android phone and find the Genre category index. The first page has the game genres you normally see (Action, Adventure, etc.), but the second page lists the non-gaming categories in alphabetical order: Accounting, Animation & Modeling, Audio Production, and more. The categories themselves are empty, so we'll have to wait to hear back from Valve about what's in, er, store.



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It would be funny if this was all in preparation for steams rumored "console" which turned out to be based on Android OS and games and watch as the hype dies from the recent kickstarter console thats been making the news. I dont think they would do this till there was enough power for the source engine though, but its something to think about. (and rally other non direct x devs)

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