Tencent To Offer 10TB Of Free Space As Cloud Storage War Heats Up

Google has shamed the likes of Dropbox by offering many gigabytes of storage to every user for $0.00, but as cloud storage becomes cheaper, more accessible, and more demanded, new entrants are pushing the envelope. Tencent, a huge company in China, is looking to make a major splash in North America. How? By giving out more free cloud storage space than any other company in the world. A new report suggests that Tencent is planning to offer up 10TB of free cloud storage -- yes, you read that correctly.

The new offering is slated to land next year, and it'll no doubt put the squeeze on companies such as Box.net, Dropbox, and Google. Cloud storage as a business model is changing rapidly. It's quickly becoming the norm to hand out space for free, and then attempt to make money from connected services elsewhere once you have a customer in an ecosystem. For example, Tencent is also planning to launch a new photo sharing app in the U.S. market, which will no doubt offer seamless uploads to Tencent's cloud storage service. Once you begin building out a connected ecosystem, it's easy to keep people hooked.

Something tells us such a move is going to put Tencent on the American radar, and fast.
Via:  PandoDaily
DavidWebb1 one year ago

" Tencent, a huge company in China, is looking to make a major splash in North America. How? " How can they afford to do this? By STEALING the files and software created by those who store it there. What better way to engage in cyber attacks than to have access to millions of American computers, when they install the Chinese software granting them free use of their files.

Dave_HH one year ago

Youch, those are pretty over-the-top claims there, David.

pancake effect one year ago

It's sad, because that's the first thing I thought of as well. While the NSA here in North America does look at your data, the first thing I thought was the Chinese government will actually USE that data for their advantage other than counter terrorism.

10GB is awesome, but what safety nets are there to guarantee our data is safe from their government? I want to see that before I subscribe to something like this. There is no magical cloud in the sky, they will have physical servers located on their soil, containing our data. Until they can provide assurances about this, I will continue to use my limited dropbox space.

one year ago

Kinda what NSA is already doing david? But many don't have issues with China looking at the photos of their cats

RichardMSnow one year ago

I've been told by people who should know that any data carried on any device that passes through Chinese territory should be considered compromised.

KOwen one year ago

10TB is finally enough storage space to possibly persuade me to use the cloud. I only have 2TB of local storage at any given time so to have access to 10 would finally be an upgrade. However, I am still hesitant about reliability and security compared to local storage.

ChrisWatson one year ago

We already have the United States government collecting information on the American people, now we are going to open a door for the Chinese Government to begin data mining and collecting information on people. I GUARANTEE as someone in the Information Technology field with a strong expertise on security that the Chinese Government WILL be using this for NO GOOD!!

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