Starbucks To Offer Free Wi-Fi To All Users Starting July 1

Regardless of what you think of the company as a whole, Starbucks is a worldwide icon. It's on most every street corner in most every major city, and it's always a solid place to go when you're looking for free Wi-Fi. Well, sorta. Starbucks has offered free Internet to Starbucks card holder as well as iPhone users and those with an AT&T Internet/U-verse account, but everyone else has had to login via other means or simply watch as everyone around them enjoys free wireless.

Starting on July 1st, Starbucks will open up their Wi-Fi hotspots to every patron, regardless of whether they're affiliated with AT&T or not. The Wi-Fi will still be provided by AT&T, but all 6,700 U.S. corporate locations will be providing fee-free Wi-Fi to each customer. This is more than a one-day deal; this is for good. The move is being made in an attempt to "bring more customers in the door," as a great many coffee shops (outside of Starbucks) already offer gratis Internet as a perk for stopping in.

McDonald's has recently implemented a similar solution, and we could definitely see more and more eateries following suit with Starbucks onboard. This is just another step towards a worldwide Internet, and we couldn't be happier to see it. Now, if only Starbucks' international locations were included in the plan...
Via:  Yahoo! News
realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="Guy With The Clipboard"]a great many coffee shops (outside of Starbucks) already offer gratis Internet as a perk for stopping in[/quote]

And that's why I quit going to Starbucks years ago. Many places offer kick-ass coffee, but only some of them offered free internet back then, and those guys got my money and my loyalty too.

animatortom 4 years ago

Locally our Starbucks have already been offering free Internet. It has been has become harder to find a seat when going to the bookstore!

It was already bad enough with the kids who go to the bookstore to do their homework!! It is called homework! Not bookstore/coffee shop work! They come in and get a five dollar coffee and sit for hours just to try and act like little hipsters!

That is the only down size from the business standpoint. Since the kids crowd the stores instead of attracting the actual customers who are looking to relax and review their purchases! They need to tell the kids to stop trying to be Beatniks and just beat it:P

(kids if you don't know what that means,...then you don't know Jack!)

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Huzzah for Starbucks, but it probably won't change my caffeine habits much. As they well know, a coffee shop is a proximity business: people will go in if it's on their way, but they won't even cross the street to get to one. (That's why you get Starbucks on opposite corners of one intersection-- a fact which late-night talk show monologues depend upon.) My home town of Philadelphia has more than enough of the large and small houses for me to pick from while going from one place to another; I generally use Dunkin' Donuts, because it's more convenient on my usual route.

McDonalds' free wifi was pretty wimpy. It took a long time to be installed, and despite their "every" claim, not every McDonald's has it, due to the nature of their franchises. (Not every McDonald's has to take McD coupons, either, or carry their limited-time products, or give out the latest Happy Meal toys. Try explaining THAT to your 5-year-old.) Even when you find one that works, the speed is abysmal.

But while you're planning your Philadelphia vacation-- get those kids some history, OK?-- plan to stop by the Independence Visitors Center, 6th & Market, for the absolute best free wifi I've ever known. Sitting in the café, their signal is as strong as my home network, and between 11 Am and 3 PM daily, you can even meet some of our History Makers!

bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

I work right next to a Starbucks. I tried connecting to the there wifi one day and realized you have to pay for it.  Guess I should start bringing my laptop to work again.

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