Spotify Subscriptions Surge to 2.5 Million

For those who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, this is the time of year to reflect and give thanks for your good fortune, whether it be friends and family, or actual fortune like pirate gold and a winning lottery ticket. In a blog post this week, Spotify said it had 2.5 million reasons to be thankful (and wisely chose not to list each one individually).

"This week is Thanksgiving in the U.S. And we've got our own reasons to give thanks too," Spotify said. "Fanfare! Drum roll! Yes, we're excited to announce that we've now welcomed 2.5 million paying subscribers to the service."

That boils down to about half a million new paying subscribers within the last two months. Not by coincidence, The Financial Times points out that it was two months ago when Spotify integrated itself into Facebook's new entertainment platform, a smart move giving the outcome.

At the same time, Spotify has expanded its reach into several new territories since September, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland.
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LLeCompte 3 years ago

I'm still using the Free version. It's a cool service but I like owning my music

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah me to LLe Spotify is cool in that it auto plays random in a musical Genre which is cool. Sarah uses it all the time but I don't really us it to much. As far as it goes for online radio I like LIVE365, but really I am generally just listening to one of my playlist's on Foobar2000!

omegadraco 3 years ago

I like Spotify when I want to listen to a specific song or an album. Mostly I find myself using Pandora though because I like to be able to turn it on and forget about it.

gazd1 3 years ago

Well I'll have to check them out, but also I do like to own my music. Looks like all those trendies always go through face book now. I've never seen myself as a trendy type of person, but an original & hopefully I'll stay that way.

gloriad1 3 years ago

Yes Sir! That's the way I feel also and you'll never see me going back to paying now anymore. In fact I may check out the free version and see how I go.

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